Biotherm first face sun cream that offers a dry finish and improved filter protection. The Dry Finish Sun Cream is light and non-greasy in texture, enriched with silica and perlite to absorb sweat and shine from the skin, leaving a dry and matte finish. The formula penetrates quickly, without leaving any greasiness on the fingers or residue on the skin. Its photostable filter system includes MEXORYL XL for high protection against UVA and UVB rays, responsible for 80% of future signs of premature photoaging. It offers high protection and hydration and leaves the face feeling velvety. Also available in SPF 50. For women and men looking for a sun protection that does not leave the skin glowing. Ideal for those who hate the feeling of sand stuck to their skin.The patented Mexoplex® system protects the skin against UVA / UVB rays. The antioxidant vitamin E helps limit oxidative damage from UV rays and slows skin cell photoaging. Enriched with mineral silica and perlite, this light, non-greasy texture quickly absorbs shine and moisture from skin to leave it dry, as if it were totally clean.The Dry Touch range offers the high protection of sunscreens and moisturizing formulas combined in an invisible dry touch texture. With fast-absorbing silica mineral spheres combined with antioxidant vitamin E for an ultra-smooth dry matte finish. 2 silky and powdery textures of different applications that leave the skin feeling as if it were not wearing anything.

Data sheet

≤ 50 ml
Skin type
All skin types
Sun protection/SPF
Medium (SPF ≤ 30)

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