Discover the Ralph Lauren gift box made up of the new Ralph's Club fragrance in three formats: 100 ml + 30 ml + 7 ml.Ralph's Club is a perfume created for the man who enjoys the fullness of life around him. Ralph's Club Eau de Parfum is an authentically masculine fragrance that appeals with its subtle balance of elegance and irreverence. Its ingredients, made exclusively, are distilled with the highest quality, with an exceptionally high level of naturalness. Fresh, punchy notes of lavender and clary sage are balanced by the warm richness of Virginia cedarwood and luxurious vetiver harvested under fair and safe working conditions for a long-lasting, sensual woodsy scent. Experience the power of Ralph's Club, the best night of your life captured in a fragrance. BOTTLE: Its elegant bottle is a product of years of craftsmanship, with sharp masculine angles that are pleasant to the touch. The bronze design features an unforgettable hinged lid detailed with the Ralph's Club logo. KEY NOTES: • Lavender • Sage • Virginia Cedar Wood • Vetiver NOSE: TYPE OF AROMA: Fresh // Powerful and masculine (Macy's) Earthy green and herbs. Earthy and Woody (Ulta)
Ralph Lauren

Data sheet

51 ml - 100 ml
Olfactory Family
Fresh / Citrus / Aquatic
Eau de Parfum

Ralph's Club EDP Men's...