It is your totem, your main element, your antidote to normality. It is his favorite playground, his passion, better yet: his addiction. Water addicts form a community, and they have finally found their fragrance: Aqua Kenzo .For her, a bold dip in a new formula: a unique tangerine essence, juicy and sticky, sets the tone with a burst of freshness. The bite of green currant sends out a shock wave and hints at the surprise to come - a flash of color! The ultra crisp raspberry leaf adds a new vibe. An addictive and disconcerting duo, a crazy and bewitching tandem, illuminated by the dazzling sensuality of Magnolia petals. A fresh, unusual and radiant floral scent.For him, an immersion in a water of contrasts. Pink berries dot the walnut leaf with its fresh, melted notes, a one-on-one with unique and addictive plant accents. Sandalwood, crunchy and sweet, marries cedar in a refreshing duo to surprise us: unctuous, precious, lends subtle salty notes and vibrates with sensuality to sign this fresh and elegant woody aroma. The bright hues of this highly contemporary perfume permeate the very texture of the bottles: sea green for her, cobalt blue for him, to create two ultra-modern and innovative color blocks. Revealing them means challenging the Hokusai Wave totem on its inverted pyramid, the alchemical symbol of water. The descendants will continue on their way, the water addicts will see in it an irresistible invitation to exalt even more the extraordinary sensations of the water.

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51 ml - 100 ml
≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Fresh / Citrus / Aquatic
Eau de Toilette

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Aqua Kenzo pour Femme

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