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Marlies Möller

Veggie Protein Conditioner 200 ml

Price 20.50
Availability: Out of stock
This fortifying and nourishing conditioner, containing mango oil and a highly effective vegetable protein, gives your hair instant vigor and energy. At the same time, hair is effortlessly strengthened and moisturized. Special sugar cane extracts give your hair incredible shine instantly. Enjoy fresh new vigor in your hair. Marlies Möller hair&root beauty complex for shiny, healthy and strong hair from root to tip.
Marlies Möller

Silver Shine Spray - Conditioner 125 ml

Price 27.00
Availability: Out of stock
Leave-in conditioner and conditioning spray in one. Glamorous shine with the magic of amethyst and purple orchid, for gray, white or bleached hair. This nourishing, silicone-free spray makes your hair look wonderfully shiny and gives it incredible shine. At the same time, it strengthens the internal structure of your hair, giving it a new boost of softness, elasticity and resilience. Marlies Möller hair&root beauty complex for shiny, healthy and strong hair from root to tip.
Marlies Möller

Beauty Leave-in Conditioner 150 ml

Price 23.30
Availability: Out of stock
100% vegan leave-in spray conditioner. Contains lemongrass and white tea extracts with a revitalizing fragrance of lime, grapefruit and osmanthus blossom that envelops you in a feeling of wonderful freshness. Pamper your hair with new volume, fabulous shine, hydration and extra elasticity. Vegan. Suitable for all hair types.
Hair Rituel By Sisley

Hair Rituel Nourishing Restructuring Balm 120ml

Price 73.95
Availability: 19 In Stock
Pre-washed nourishing balm for damaged, dry and brittle hair. Enriched with a combination of botanical oils, it acts on the hair fiber to intensely nourish, restore and restructure. “Silky balm” texture that instantly transforms into an oil for an extremely sensory experience.
Hair Rituel By Sisley

Detangling Restructuring Cream with Cotton...

Price 46.13
Availability: 9 In Stock
La Crème Démêlante Restructurante is an effective and fast detangling treatment. Highly concentrated in restorative and restructuring active ingredients. Its formula smoothes scales, increases hair shine and improves its resistance. Light, melting texture with a fresh, energizing scent.