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Body cosmetics offers you a wide variety of creams, treatments and other products to take care of your body skin. A complete selection endorsed by prestigious brands in high cosmetics to offer you the products your body needs for all skin types, mixed, oily or dry.

Exfoliating, moisturizing, day or night, bath and shower and even for specific areas of your body such as hands, legs or bust and décolleté. In our extensive catalogue of body cosmetics you will find creams, oils and treatments with the effect you are looking for.


Moisturizing Body Milk 400 ml

Price 18.85
Availability: 160 In Stock
This hydrating body milk has a light, melting texture that glides on the skin for instant comfort, flexibility and softness. A subtle perfume of neroli envelops the body with its floral and citrus notes. Completely soft, the skin is smooth and regains its velvety touch. The skin is hydrated and soothed.

Youth Foot Cream 125 ml

Price 18.95
Availability: 99 In Stock
Restful relief for tired feet! Feel like you're walking on the clouds with this cream that reduces puffiness and fatigue through arnica extract. Soften rough spots thanks to virgin cashew oil and shea butter. The action of myrrh strengthens and beautifies the nails. Renews and protects from heel to toe.

Plant Bath "Tonic" 200 ml

Price 15.20
Availability: 73 In Stock
The "Tonic" Plant Bath transforms every inch of your skin to bring beauty and tone! This concentrated cleansing treatment is activated by the effect of the heat of the bath or shower, releasing its aromatic vapors of rosemary, mint and geranium. Gentian and pine extracts cleanse and refine the skin's texture. The fine and light foam, non-irritating, is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Super Hydrating Body Balm

Price 23.95
Availability: 18 In Stock
The Super-Hydrating Body Balm nourishes and hydrates all skin types, even the driest, thanks to its concentration of shea butter. Natural organic raspberry water extracts, tamarind pulp acids and organic oat sugars soften and smooth the skin's texture. Its melting texture that instantly penetrates the skin allows you to get dressed immediately.

Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion...

Price 28.70
Availability: 69 In Stock
Did you know that living fast decreases skin hydration by 50%?A hectic urban life exposes the skin to many aggressors (pollution, uv, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep ...), which decreases skin hydration by 50%.Yves Saint Laurent Hydra Bounce Essence moisturizing cream with its innovative micro-droplet texture is designed to diffuse intense hydration and comfort into the skin. It is enriched with the optimal daily dose of Vitamins E and B3 in synergy with moisturizing 100% pure orange blossom from Morocco.

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk 400 ml

Price 19.99
Availability: 65 In Stock
Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Milk: Instantly hydrated skin? Get a smooth, soft and regenerated skin with Lait Corporel. Restores the elasticity of the skin and offers 48 hours of hydration! A body milk with a fluid and highly nourishing texture with all the power of its ingredients: the unique Life PlanktonTM regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm , derivatives of vitamin E, hydrating and nourishing agents and citrus essences. Gives off a delicious and addictive orange scent. For those women looking for a simple body ritual, this daily use body milk is perfect.

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Mist 150 ml

Price 11.90
Availability: 54 In Stock
Instantly hydrated skin? Get a smooth, soft and regenerated skin with the Mist of Lait Corporel: a light and fresh mist of fast absorption, non-greasy and with a silky finish. A unique formula with all the power of Life PLanktonTM, the unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm , the best hydrating and revitalizing active ingredients, citrus essences.Spray the mist evenly on the body at a distance of 10 cm. Then extend with gentle ally movements using the palm of your hand.

Immediate Tensor Bust Gel 50 ml

Price 40.30
Availability: 49 In Stock
A beautifying treatment for the bust. It has an immediate lifting effect and effectively preserves the tone and tension of the "natural bra" to enhance the shape of the breasts. Contains oat sugars that form an invisible and elastic network to gently firm the skin. Its double moisturizing and firming action gives the breasts more firmness, youth and beauty.

Biotherm Oil Therapy Intense Nutrition Balm 400 ml

Price 24.80
Availability: 41 In Stock
Biotherm Intense Nutrition Balm Oil Therapy treatment is composed of 3 oils, highly valued for drier skin, which achieve maximum comfort, elasticity and beauty in the body: rosehip oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, with properties regenerating and fortifying; Passion flower oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, with nourishing and beautifying properties, and apricot oil, rich in essential fatty oils, with softening and softening properties. It also has Apricot Pulp, Sugar Crystals and Life Plankton ™: Unique Regenerating Ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm . We recommend using it after the shower, to get the sensation of extra energy and surround our body with a halo of immense freshness.

Refined Oil with White Ginger 150 ml

Price 110.25
Availability: 36 In Stock
L'Huile Affinante au Gingembre Blanc offers a global solution for the sensation of tired legs. Combined with a specific massage technique, it offers 4 very specific actions:• Anti-fatigue action • Remodeling Action • Toning Action • Beautifying ActionA beauty oil with a silky texture that is easy to apply and lends itself to a long massage, ideal for toning legs. Leaves a satiny veil on the skin. Its aromatic essences and fresh fragrance promote a feeling of complete well-being. Not stain. It allows you to get dressed quickly after application.

Eau Extraordinaire Body Cream 200ml

Price 28.40
Availability: 33 In Stock
This cream awakens your senses. Composed of 93% ingredients of natural origin, it combines the fresh notes of citrus and red ginger, with the softness of jasmine and the comforting fragrance of patchouli. The beneficial powers of essential oils with the softening and stimulating properties of organic shea butter intensely nourish your skin, providing comfort and a delicate fragrance.Benefits: Nourished, hydrated and perfumed skin. Revitalized and visibly more beautiful skin.

BIO Relipidant Soap for Sensitive Skin 100 g

Price 7.60
Availability: 29 In Stock
This bio * dermatological soap effectively cleanses the face and body while respecting all skin types thanks to its creamy treatment texture enriched with Bio Camelina Oil. Traces of makeup, impurities and pollution fade under its fine, creamy lather to leave skin clean, perfectly nourished and soothed. Its comforting fragrance offers the enveloping softness of the Orange Blossom. Treatment formulated and manufactured in France. * with BIO certification.