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Perfume boxes for men


H24 Men's Chest EDT 100 ml + Mini 12.5 ml

Price 84.95
Availability: 180 In Stock
The emblematic La danse des chevaux design by Jean-Louis Sauvat, moving from a silk carré to the universe of perfume, adorns the H24 case with elegance and brilliance. An equestrian ballet of 3 saddles sublimates this case with poetic lines and bold colors.The case is made up of Eau de toilette H24 (100 ml) and Eau de toilette (12.5 ml miniature).H24 is, according to Hermès, the first olfactory expression of contemporary man. A lively, sensual and luminous perfume that cultivates the audacious hybridization between nature and technology. A rechargeable object of aerodynamic lines. The 100% recycled and recyclable paper packaging is adorned with a lime green line that delimits while opening to another dimension.

L'Homme Men's Chest EDT 60 ml + After Shave 50...

Price 70.50
Availability: 147 In Stock
Yves Saint Laurent dresses in haute couture gold to celebrate a "GOLD & BOLD" Christmas and offer a unique experience by uncovering this Gift Box made up of:L'HOMME EAU DE TOILETTE VAPORIZER 60 ML: The fragrance for charismatic, magnetic and sensual men who have achieved the perfect balance between masculinity and refinement. An olfactory play between woody and fruity aromas for the man of the XXI century: urban, charismatic and fashion lover. AFTER SHAVE BALM 50ML (x2): Post-shave lotion whose skin care formula has a protective side that not only moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin; It also stimulates the skin's natural ability to defend itself against environmental aggressors.
Paco Rabanne

Phantom Men's Chest EDT 100 ml + Deo 150 ml

Price 70.90
Availability: 138 In Stock
The Paco Rabanne Phantom Gift Set for Men is made up of Eau de Toilette (100ml perfume) and Deodorant (150ml).PHANTOM is the new fragrance for men by Paco Rabanne .A futuristic fragrance, born from the fusion of the luxury of craftsmanship and new technologies. Created through a groundbreaking process, where ingredients that transmit energy, security and sensuality have been selected.A fragrance born from the meeting between the energizing freshness of lemon and vetiver, and the attraction of an irresistible creamy lavender and woody vanilla.
Paco Rabanne

1 Million Men's Set EDT 100 ml + Deo 150 ml

Price 67.90
Availability: 112 In Stock
The Paco Rabanne 1 Million gift box for men consists of an Eau de Toilette (100 ml perfume) and a deodorant (150 ml).Humor, sensuality, gentleman style. Paco Rabanne bets 1 million on the great return of male seduction. Gold, Paco Rabanne 's favorite material, reappears here in an amazing bottle in the shape of a gold ingot, numbered and carved. Dandy with the look of a ruffian, the model Matt Gordon is the icon of 1 Million. Difficult to classify, 1 Million is a unique perfume that combines fresh notes, aromatic and spicy effluvia, a sensation of juicy fruit, but also notes of flowers, warm woods and an imprint of soft leather.

Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme Men's Set EDT 100 ml +...

Price 73.95
Availability: 107 In Stock
This Christmas, join ARMANI'S FERRIS WHEEL OF WISHES: Acqua Di Giò by Giorgio Armani reflects the commitment to conserving the planet's natural environment. This men's perfume stands out for its freshness, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea for a natural and authentic man. THE GIFT BOX CONTAINS:-Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Vaporizer 100 ml and 15 ml -Shower gel 75ml
Carolina Herrera

Bad Boy EDT men's case 100 ml + Shower Gel 100...

Price 68.70
Availability: 85 In Stock
The Carolina Herrera Bad Boy gift box for men consists of Eau de Toilette (100 ml perfume), shower gel (100 ml) and travel spray (10 ml).BAD BOY is an aromatic expression of duality, representing the bold nature of modern man, those who trace their own path and design their own principles. He is strong and sensitive, while also confident and relaxed. BAD BOY Eau de Toilette is a sensory journey, a combination of sophistication and modernity. BAD BOY opens with seductive notes of black pepper, white pepper and bergamot. At the heart of the fragrance, cedarwood and clary sage bring a magnetic elegance, but the real secret lies at the base of the scent, with the sensual combination of tonka bean and cocoa.
Paco Rabanne

Invictus Men's Chest EDT 100 ml + Deo 150 ml

Price 69.50
Availability: 81 In Stock
The Paco Rabanne Invictus gift box for men consists of Eau de Toilette (100 ml perfume) and deodorant (150 ml).Paco Rabanne launches a new story. Invictus represents the dream of victory. The Invictus Champion is an icon for men and an absolute fantasy for women. Possessor of a wild, aphrodisiac masculinity. Strong, seductive and invincible.

Luna Rossa Ocean Men's Chest EDT 100 ml + Mini...

Price 69.65
Availability: 71 In Stock
This Christmas wrap yourself in a unique and addictive trail with Prada fragrances Discover the Prada gift box made up of Luna Rossa Ocean, the new Eau de toilette that reinvents the classic fougere family with an avant-garde touch and defies the codes of current masculinity . This new aroma concept is called NEO FRESCO, which contains an explosion of bergamot, contrasted with the extreme sophistication and sensuality of vetiver and the elegant notes of iris.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Men's Chest EDT 125 ml + After Shave 50...

Price 70.95
Availability: 68 In Stock
Sailor Le Male is so sexy that the ice melts and gives way in his wake! No matter how cold it gets, your special ocean blue metal holiday case is unsinkable, recyclable and plastic-free. Featuring a warm gold and faux feather lid, bound with a kraft ribbon and padded with responsible cardboard, this gift box contains the iconic Gaultier bottle, featuring its amber fougère aftershave and deodorant stick. . A few manly maneuvers and the temperature changes radically. Sheathed in his legendary sailor shirt, he displays all his sensuality.

Y Eau de Parfum Men's Chest 100 ml

Price 84.95
Availability: 52 In Stock
Yves Saint Laurent once again wears the word LOVE inspired by the thank you cards that Monsieur Saint Laurent used as a symbol of gratitude to those close to him. Collages, hand drawings or tempera, which gave life to the inspiration of his designs, now reflected in this box that celebrates CREATIVITY, FREEDOM and LOVE.

Wanted Men's Chest EDT 100 ml + mini 10 ml

Price 58.70
Availability: 51 In Stock
We present the Azzaro Wanted gift set, with the contents of its 100 ml Eau de Toilette for men and its new concept of hero and modern seducer that also includes its 10 ml mini size. A perfect gift for any occasion. It is the Azzaro fragrance for the brand's youngest audience and although no aroma has an age, its communication, its visuals and its bottle make it very akin to this target. It is inspired by Loris Azzaro , designer of the brand, but adapted to today's modern world. The Azzaro brand, for several years, has been in several sustainable development programs.

Armani Code Homme Men's Chest EDP 75 ml + Mini...

Price 77.90
Availability: 47 In Stock
This Christmas join ARMANI'S FERRIS WHEEL OF WISHES Armani Code Le Parfum EDP contains a reinterpretation of the brand's most iconic fragrance. Its essence is more intense and vibrant. A perfume for men that stops at nothing especially designed for those who focus on the future with an open mind. Its incredible aroma has bright, energetic and highly sensitive chords. It comes in a refillable bottle with a luxurious and modern touch.Top Notes: bergamot and bergamot leaves. Heart notes: iris, orris root, clary sage and aldehydes. Background notes: tonka bean and cedar.GIFT BOX CONTAINS:Armani Code Homme Le Parfum Vaporizer 75ml and 15ml -Shower gel 75ml