Hygiene and protection


PH5 Hand Oleogel 250 ml

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Cleaning and protection gel for a thorough and protective hygiene of sensitive, dry and cracked hands. Protects the skin against irritation and helps prevent the reappearance of cracks and roughness in the skin.

PH5 Shower Gel

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Daily hygiene body gel without soap and with mild moisturizers indicated for cleaning and hydrating sensitive facial and body skin, preserving its natural defenses and protecting it against dehydration.

FAMILY PACK pH5 Shower Oil 1L + 400ml

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Daily hygiene body oil without soap indicated for the cleaning and hydration of dry and sensitive skin. Regenerates the natural protection of the skin, preserves the natural defenses of the skin and protects it against dehydration.

ATOPICONTROL Bath Oil 400 ml

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Daily hygiene body oil for dry and atopic skin. Gently cleanses and soothes atopic skin. Relieves itching and prevents against a possible increase in dryness. Daily use during all phases of atopic dermatitis.

UREAREPAIR PLUS Bath Gel 5% Urea 400 ml

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Daily skin hygiene body gel indicated for facial and body hygiene of dry and very dry skin. Suitable for children from 3 years. Formula with the unique combination of ingredients for immediate relief and delay in the appearance of the signs of dry skin.