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Eau de parfum


Legend Red Eau de Parfum

Price 41.60
Availability: 26 In Stock

Montblanc Legend Red, bolder and determined than ever to instill a sense of confidence, strength and power. Legend's iconic bottle has become a legend among perfume lovers. Now, it is dressed in attractive red lacquer contrasting with silver details, revealing a sleek, elegant and modern design. Charismatic, woody and fruity, Legend Red presents a new olfactory identity in the form of an eau de parfum. Sparkling, its top notes offer a juicy initial freshness thanks to blood orange and tasty grapefruit. Creamy and intense, the aromatic notes of sage throb at the heart of the fragrance. As a culmination, its combination of woods and a touch of tonka bean provides a magnetic sensuality.


Man Terrae Essence Eau de Parfum

Price 52.70
Availability: 25 In Stock
Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence enriches the Bvlgari Man collection, dedicated to the power of the elements of nature. After exploring fire, wood and air, Bvlgari Man focuses on earth. Bvlgari Man Terrae Essence pays homage to the power of the earth, its authentic richness and diverse fertility. An abundance that is impeccably transmitted through an original and contemporary interpretation of vetiver combined with exclusive and masculine smoky earth accords.

Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum

Price 97.95
Availability: 17 In Stock
A fragrance of reconnection that combines intense woody notes with energetic citrus touches. A statement of authentic masculinity, paying homage to the modern man, in deep connection with nature.

L'Ombre des Merveilles Eau de Parfum

Price 62.95
Availability: 46 In Stock
The deep radiance of a chiaroscuro, woody and oriental fragrance. The sensuality of tonka bean and incense, accentuated by the depth of black tea.Since 2004, Eau des Merveilles has been a key that unlocks the Hermès universe of wonders. Between innocence and fantasy, childhood dreams and femininity. A world in which the extraordinary is revealed in broad daylight. Year after year, the poetic sighs transport us. They are trapped in a rounded bottle with a magnifying glass effect that boasts a magical power: to see the world from an unusual and wonderful perspective. It is the key to wonders, a fountain of stars in broad daylight.

Terre d'Hermès Parfum Pure Parfume

Price 85.90
Availability: Out of stock
The warmth and density of wood combined with the smoothness of benzoin and the burst of shiso.Terre d'Hermès speaks of man's relationship with the earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with nature and the elements. Terre d'Hermès is the perfume that links man to his origins, to the source of his creative power.

Terre d'Hermès Eau Tres Fraîche 125ml

Price 78.90
Availability: Out of stock
The icy freshness of aldehydes associated with the harshness of bitter orange.Terre d'Hermès speaks of man's relationship with the earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with nature and the elements. Terre d'Hermès is the perfume that links man to his origins, to the source of his creative power.
Hugo Boss

Boss The Scent Le Parfum for Him

Price 62.95
Availability: Out of stock
Sienta el poder de la atracción con BOSS The Scent Le Parfum for Him. Un adictivo acorde de iris y cuero intensifica el icónico perfume ambarino BOSS The Scent para una alquimia imposible de resistir.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Beau Eau de Parfum Intense

Price 54.45
Availability: 3 In Stock
Le Beau Le Parfum, el nuevo perfume de hombre original e intenso de Jean Paul Gaultier.Si Jean Paul Gaultier creó este nuevo Le Beau Le Parfum naturalmente perfecto desnudo, ¡no fue para vestirlo! Aunque hay que decir que, en su Jardín del Edén, la naturaleza es tan sabia y generosa con los músculos de su frasco lacado en negro y verde que una hoja de parra dorada recogida de su icónica lata es suficiente atuendo para él. Y si la tentación de su nuevo eau de parfum intenso es aún más sensual, mucho mejor: aquí todos los pecados están permitidos. Basta con disfrutar del fruto prohibido de su fresca y adictiva fragancia amaderada de ámbar.
Carolina Herrera

Bad Boy Cobalt Eau de Parfum

Price 49.95
Availability: 154 In Stock
Bad Boy Cobalt Perfume de Hombre Eau de ParfumBAD BOY Cobalt Eau de Parfum da un giro electrizante a la nueva masculinidad, el concepto que define cada perfume BAD BOY, al mismo tiempo que representa un homenaje a los lazos de fraternidad. Su inspiración tiene origen en la fuerza del cobalto y el tono potente de su pigmento.
Carolina Herrera

212 VIP Black Smiley Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Price 63.95
Availability: 15 In Stock
212 VIP Black Smiley Perfume de Hombre Eau de ParfumEncuentra tu lugar feliz con 212 VIP Black Smiley. Una nueva fragancia de edición limitada para hombres creada para celebrar el 50 aniversario del icónico Smiley, un símbolo global de positividad y felicidad. Con su aroma fresco y vigorizante y su divertido frasco cubierto con una carita sonriente, esta irreverente fragancia masculina es la prueba de que nada es más poderoso que enfrentarse al mundo con una gran sonrisa.212 VIP Black Smiley es una versión traviesa de la fragancia 212 VIP Black original. Las notas de salida especiadas de jengibre y naranja sanguina dan paso a un dulce corazón aromático de Lavandin, Pimienta de Madagascar y sésamo.
Paco Rabanne

1 Million Elixir Eau de Parfum Intense

Price 57.70
Availability: 309 In Stock
1 Million Elixir Perfume de Hombre Intense Parfum.Descubre 1 Million Elixir,la cúspide de la intensidad de Million, una nueva fragancia guiada por el deseo de la calidad suprema.Una mezcla de ingredientes cuidadosamente seleccionados de todo el mundo, que celebra la artesanía de nuestros perfumistas y la fusión de las mejores materias primas. Una nueva dimensión, increíblemente intensa, inconfudiblemente 1 Million.

Acqua di Gio Homme Refillable Eau de Parfum

Price 72.45
Availability: 47 In Stock

An eternally iconic fragrance, reinvented for the future Giorgio Armani presents ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM: a new interpretation of the iconic ACQUA DI GIÒ fragrance that looks to the future. ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM embodies Giorgio Armani 's commitment to sustainability: eco-conceived, refillable and composed of consciously sourced ingredients. Offsetting any remaining carbon emissions through a program of reforestation and conservation projects, ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM ultimately achieves carbon neutrality. With an awareness of the environment woven into its creation, ACQUA DI GIÒ EAU DE PARFUM is a fragrance for the future.


L'Homme Eau de Parfum

Price 41.90
Availability: Out of stock
A blend of freshness and warmth, L'Homme Eau de Parfum Intense is pure sensuality and intensity conveyed through rich, tart bourbon and citrus notesA perfume, a tribute to the modern, confident and sexy man who seeks real emotions. A man true to himself, beyond any representation. A man, eager to meet you. #IWANTTOKNOWYOU.
Calvin Klein

CK Everyone Eau de Parfum

Price 28.50
Availability: 111 In Stock
CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum is a gender neutral fragrance. Bold, authentic. CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum is a vegan, citrusy, woody fragrance with a rich freshness. Love all sides of yourself with CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum
Jimmy Choo

URBAN HERO Eau de Parfum 100 ml

Price 62.95
Availability: 39 In Stock
Inspired by the work of the famous "L'Atlas" Urban Hero by Jimmy Choo is writing a new story. It is a fragrance that combines elegance with a hint of mischief thanks to its urban and mysterious style that breaks with traditional codes. With its woody scent, the touch of lemon, vetiver and leather accords bring a youthful character to this modern fragrance.