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The best perfumes for summer

Summer brings us other fragrances and smells totally different from what we have become accustomed to in the colder months. Perfumes are now lighter, fresher and evoke other memories and feelings that are much calmer and more relaxed. Just as we change our wardrobe, makeup and perfumes also vary in this season. We replace the most intense scents with fresher and lighter aromas with other more citrus, aquatic, floral or herbal notes that appeal more. The citrus notes of summer perfumes give us energy, dynamism, freshness, optimism ... The heat enhances the aromas and it is at this time when we most value the freshness of the softest aromas.


Sunscreens to prevent premature skin aging

With the arrival of good weather, we begin to uncover and our skin, which until now had been covered in layers, begins to receive the first rays of the sun. Taking care of the skin at this time will prevent us from suffering burns, spots and other typical summer conditions. We tell you how to protect your skin in this season and prevent premature aging. Actually, sunscreens should be among our beauty products throughout the year. The sun is always present and, although it is not as strong the rest of the year, it can damage our skin. Therefore, we tell you some mistakes we make and how to avoid them to protect your skin this summer.


Why do dark circles appear and how can we combat them?

No matter how old you are, dark circles are one of the biggest aesthetic concerns at any time in our adult life, as they give our look a dull, tired, and aging appearance.In fact, a survey conducted in eight European countries, including Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, shows that 75% of respondents have dark circles, 66% always have a tired look and 7 out of 10 think they look older because they have dark circles.In this post we tell you why dark circles are generated, and we show you how to cope with them.


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