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List of products by brand Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Le Parfum

Price 58.95
Availability: 227 In Stock

Heading towards Le Male Le Parfum, the new men's fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier ! In its black and gold officer's suit, this intense eau de parfum takes control of Le Male's olfactory line with style and strength. An elegance with a woody oriental trail, signed with a charisma and power of a leader. Sailors to your posts! The boss is here, for an almost imminent departure.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Eau de Parfum

Price 54.95
Availability: 273 In Stock

Classique, a symbol of seduction and extreme sensuality. The iconic torso-shaped bottle with its corset, the most iconic piece of Jean Paul Gaultier wardrobe. A multifaceted feminine fragrance for women with character. A childhood memory that became a femme fatale. This Eau de Toilette offers the irresistible softness of orange blossom combined with the aphrodisiac power of ginger. The aroma of rice powder, a memory of his childhood, reinterpreted with the power of a sensual vanilla caress.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Eau de Toilette

Price 67.95
Availability: 331 In Stock

As virile as it is sexy, Le Mâle pays homage to the symbolic figure that has always inspired Jean Paul Gaultier : the sailor. This men's perfume has a non-conformist vision of masculinity. Evoking the familiar comforting scent of shaving foam, lavender is enhanced by the sensuality of vanilla.

Jean Paul Gaultier

So Scandal Eau de Parfum

Price 80.95
Availability: 227 In Stock

So Scandal! So Jean Paul Gaultier ! What a scandal! How do you dare? So extravagant. So Couture. The new Eau de Parfum So Scandal! humorously reveals an even bolder and more sensual Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Ultra Eau de Toilette

Price 54.75
Availability: 168 In Stock
Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier , the mischievous sailor with whom you would get lost at sea! This masculine Eau de Toilette is a struggle between power and greed. The irresistible combination of black lavender, woody vanilla, pear juice and mint.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Belle Eau de Parfum

Price 45.30
Availability: 142 In Stock

Jean Paul Gaultier opens the doors of his garden to us, a place of temptation and attraction between La Belle and Le Beau, the new perfumes for women and men by Jean Paul Gaultier . An Eau de Parfum for women born from the encounter between the addictive vanilla bean, the freshness of bergamot and the luminosity of pear. An addictive and luminous trail for an attractive and ultra-feminine woman.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Eau de Parfum

Price 61.75
Availability: 62 In Stock

A feminine fragrance for a femme fatale radiant with sensuality. Intensely glamorous! Clearly vindicating its seductive and radiant sensuality, the Eau de Parfum Intense is more fruity and more gourmand than the original fragrance. The chords are enriched with pomegranate, tiare flower and patchouli.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal Eau de Parfum

Price 43.95
Availability: 135 In Stock
Scandal is a new concept of feminine fragrance that leaves behind an elegant aura imbued with the soul of the Pigalle neighborhood, so loved by Jean Paul Gaultier . Even the Minister is tempted by the scent of Scandal. More than a breath of air, it is a breath of freedom. When night falls at Jean Paul Gaultier , everyone is thrown into debauchery, drama and scandal. Even the Minister! We no longer know if she is a lady of high society (a great fantasy) or the queen of the night (a great fantasy). Both facets complement each other perfectly.
Jean Paul Gaultier

La Belle Le Parfum EDP

Price 47.80
Availability: 107 In Stock
La Belle Le Parfum is the new feminine fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier . An Eau de Parfum Intense Oriental Gourmand that exquisitely captivates the senses. Succumb to temptation! In the Gaultier Garden, where all sins are allowed, the new original woman La Belle Le Parfum intensifies her power of seduction with an addictive sensuality: a green pear accord enriched with sensual jasmine, tonka bean and addictive vanilla. Her femininity, the forbidden fruit with dark red curves that emphasizes its intensity, is adorned with a necklace of golden roses.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal New Him Eau de Toilette

Price 54.95
Availability: 95 In Stock

The new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier . Elegance, muscle and boxing gloves: the new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier makes a triumphant entrance with its masculine and sensual eau de toilette, energizing and highly addictive. Assaulting the senses and crowned with victories, this king of the ring captivates his followers with his brilliance and leaves in his wake a contrasting virile trail of intense oriental woody. Keep your guard up: his athletic charisma has fun taking down all opponents who provoke him. The Parisian cream of the crop trembles and asks for more: it's show time! Elegantly renew the caramel of your eau de toilette: how dare you?

Jean Paul Gaultier

Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum

Price 50.40
Availability: 88 In Stock
Gaultier Divine is here, the new feminine fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier .Since 1976, Jean Paul Gaultier has celebrated all women with courage and passion. Free in every way. Perfect with her curves. Proud to be themselves and free from all kinds of complexes. That is why Gaultier Divine Eau de Parfum is a tribute to all women.This feminine fragrance proudly and uninhibitedly displays your voluptuous curves. The famous Gaultier corset is much more than a piece of lingerie, it is a precious jewel that honors the female body and shows its diversity. Gold covered. Iconic and already iconic. Wrapped in a beautiful case adorned with a burning sun.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Beau Eau de Toilette

Price 49.95
Availability: 133 In Stock

Jean Paul Gaultier opens the doors of his garden to us, a place of temptation and attraction between La Belle and Le Beau, the new perfumes for women and men by Jean Paul Gaultier . An Eau de Toilette for men made around an addictive tonka bean, along with coconut wood, combined with the fresh notes of bergamot. A fresh and powerful trail for a seductive and ultra-sexy man.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal New Him Refill Eau de Toilette

Price 90.95
Availability: 128 In Stock

SCANDAL POUR HOMME: Jean Paul Gaultier champion of the environment. If you are going to provoke with SCANDAL, it is better to do it in an eco-responsible way with its refillable bottle. It is the fight that this boxer Jean Paul Gaultier fights. With its ecological design refill, you can fill your 50, 100 or 150 ml bottle in a simple gesture and without losing a drop, thanks to its innovative unscrewable and automatic sealing system. More respectful with the environment, it defends the ecology saving 59% of the glass, 46% of the plastic, 80% of the metal and 64% of the weight of the packaging *. A win-win win, outrageously easy and essential. * If using a 50 ml SCANDAL bottle and its 200 ml refill, compared to 5 SCANDAL 50 ml bottles.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Elixir Eau de Parfum

Price 63.55
Availability: Out of stock

Le Male Elixir Eau de Parfum, the new sailor by Jean Paul Gaultier has arrived. More intense and sexy than ever.

When he comes aboard, Le Male Elixir causes a heat wave. This men's fragrance is so intense that gold melts into golden stripes along its slender torso and metal case. Le Male Elixir takes the helm of sensuality, giving off the maximum expression of sex appeal. Be careful not to touch his skin, you will burn yourself!

Le Male Elixir ignites all the senses creating maximum addiction. Sunny tropical tonka bean blends with the now legendary lavender, and together with the animal magnetism of benzoin, they create an explosion of fresh mint and bergamot. Impossible not to melt with desire.

With Le Male Elixir by Jean Paul Gaultier you will get the senses activated, the desire burning and the gold flowing freely. Stunning and sexy.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal New Him Deodorant Spray

Price 25.95
Availability: 95 In Stock

Sporty, this deodorant spray prolongs SCANDAL's woody oriental with a virile and sensual addiction. This long-lasting, alcohol-free protection vaporizes with a fresh feeling of comfort throughout the day. To face every challenge with confidence.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Pride Eau de Toilette Unisex Limited...

Price 68.50
Availability: 55 In Stock
The proud and festive manifesto of the new edition of Le Male Pride.“Freedom, equality, sexuality”. Long live our differences and the beauty of being who we really are! This is the committed manifesto of the new limited edition PRIDE Le Male 2022 and of Jean Paul Gaultier since 1982. With its sailor shirt and chrome body, its iconic cans and bottles claim a floral eau de toilette for everyone, which brings together genres around a rainbow of citrus, neroli and musky blond woods. On the march for tolerance! This year accompanied for the first time by Classique. Two bottles, a single unisex fragrance.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal New Him Shower Gel

Price 25.95
Availability: 47 In Stock

Red, energizing, SCANDAL splashes you even in the shower with the fresh, scented lather of this easy-to-rinse oriental woody gel. Smooth skin and shiny hair: with its oomph, it will give your day the energy of a winner.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Shower Gel 200ml

Price 26.70
Availability: 28 In Stock
CLASSIQUE shower gelby Jean Paul Gaultier . A feminine shower gel scented with the floral oriental fragrance of CLASSIQUE.This pleasant shower gel invites us to live a unique sensory experience while maintaining the natural hydration of the skin.It is scented with the CLASSIQUE fragrance. A sensual and sophisticated fragrance that offers a mischievous and enveloping first moment of floral and fruity notes of orange blossom, mandarin orange, star anise, pear, rose and bergamot. A romantically provocative sensation for confident women.