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Body Partner 75 ml

Price 36.95
Availability: 21 In Stock
The Stretch Mark Prevention and Reduction Expert Improves elasticity and helps reduce the appearance of new and established stretch marks.

Plant Bath "Tonic" 200 ml

Price 15.20
Availability: Out of stock
The "Tonic" Plant Bath transforms every inch of your skin to bring beauty and tone! This concentrated cleansing treatment is activated by the effect of the heat of the bath or shower, releasing its aromatic vapors of rosemary, mint and geranium. Gentian and pine extracts cleanse and refine the skin's texture. The fine and light foam, non-irritating, is indicated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Multi-Intensive Belly-Waist Remodeling...

Price 53.20
Availability: Out of stock
The first body treatment that takes into account the variations of the silhouette and the skin from the 50's. Fine and comfortable, this cream-gel with an immediate firming effect is designed for all women who, even without gaining weight, observe how the Belly bulges and waist widens due to hormonal changes.