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The best women's perfumes " Éclair Parfumeries

Women's Perfumes

Choosing a perfume is a very personal and nuanced choice. Sometimes you are looking for a fresh but long-lasting women's perfume and sometimes you are looking for an intense perfume that lasts 24 hours. Find here the perfume you are looking for.

The best selection of the best perfumes and colognes for women. Exclusive brands and top sellers for all tastes: fresh, fruity, citrus, sweet perfumes... which one do you fancy today?


Donna Born in Roma Yellow Dream Eau de Parfum

Price 50.95
Availability: Out of stock
Born in Roma Yellow Dream, a new chapter of fragrances for a world that needs to dream. Born in Roma Yellow Dream Donna Eau de Parfum begins its dreamy fragrance with the delicacy and freshness of the lemon accord. Turkish rose essence creates a blooming and luminous femininity at your heart. Comforting notes of white musk soften the finish of the fragrance. The bottle design is a tribute to the iconic Rockstud, a bold pyramidal structure inspired by Roman architecture, a signature of the Maison Valentino .

Donna Born in Roma Intense Eau de Parfum

Price 115.40
Availability: 20 In Stock
Born in Roma Intense celebrates a night in the eternal city of Rome, paying tribute to its sunsets. Born in Roma Donna Eau de Parfum Intense amplifies the addiction of Born in Roma Donna by enhancing its aroma with the powerful and enveloping vanilla that opens this fragrance, accompanied by notes of bergamot and blackcurrant accord. In the heart, a powerful and sensual trio of jasmine reveals a modern and opulent florality. Benzoin resin closes this fragrance with its warm and sensual notes.

Black Opium Eau de Parfum Over Red

Price 60.60
Availability: 86 In Stock
Black Opium Eau de Parfum Over Red, a surprisingly disruptive and excessively olfactory search for experimental pleasure. A juice that defies emotion with an unexpected blend of Western black coffee and Eastern black tea with notes of cherry and white jasmine. A sensual aroma with a contrast of emotions. This fragrance maintains the distinctive characteristic of the renowned Black Opium: the captivating black coffee, deep, enigmatic and refined. The combination of jasmine and orange blossom generates an explosion that adds luminosity to the fragrance. The touch of red cherry distinguishes this perfume, oscillating between a sensual sweetness and an acidic nuance. From black to red... The iconic Black Opium bottle takes on a hypnotic new tone as it is covered in a red hue. A bottle designed to dazzle all your senses. A true celebration of the color of "fatal ecstasy", which expresses the pure essence of Yves Saint Laurent heritage.

Born in Rome Donna Green Stravaganza Eau de Parfum

Price 60.40
Availability: 80 In Stock
Express your authenticity in the vibrant and bold city of Rome, immerse yourself in the extravagance of the eternal city with Born In Roma Donna Green Stravaganza Eau de Parfum. This feminine amber-woody floral fragrance has been created from the fusion of a sensual Lapsang Souchong tea accord and an opulent jasmine absolute. This captivating feminine perfume begins with a smoky tea leaf aroma, transporting you to a sensual garden with the Lapsang Souchong tea accord. The delicate jasmine absolute illuminates the heart of this essence with its solar and floral facets, revealing a modern femininity. To conclude, the sweet yet smoky drops of vanilla extract add a bewitching touch to this sensory journey, taking extravagance to the extreme. The Born in Roma Green Stravaganza bottle pays homage to Valentino 's iconic Rockstud, with an avant-garde pyramidal design inspired by Roman architecture, a distinctive signature of the Maison Valentino . The modernity of the bottle is enhanced by the contrast of black leather and vibrant green. At Valentino , green is bold and excessive, passionate and extravagant, just like you!
Giorgio Armani

My Way Eau de Parfum Nectar

Price 57.95
Availability: 41 In Stock
My Way Eau de Parfum Nectar offers a sensory journey that captures feminine spirituality. This Giorgio Armani fragrance is fruity, floral and addictive, born from the captivating contrast between the fresh and juicy notes of the pear accord that combine with the citrus heart of bergamot and the intense orange blossom. The heart of this fragrance is revealed with the violet leaf accord, providing a unique freshness to the aroma that also serves to enhance the radiant floral bouquet of white MY WAY flowers. This captivating, floral eau de parfum is encapsulated in a new transparent bottle that elevates its distinctive pink hue. The translucent pink talisman cap crowns the iconic My Way bottle for a fresh and youthful reinterpretation. My Way favors the use of some naturally derived ingredients, many of which are sourced responsibly and sustainably. Giorgio Armani is committed to forest preservation programs in Zimbabwe, Peru and Brazil. Since the launch of My Way, many hectares of primary forest have been preserved to reduce its environmental footprint and preserve biodiversity.

Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum

Price 62.30
Availability: 98 In Stock
Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum is the floral and fruity feminine fragrance that comes to sharpen instinct and senses. This women's perfume represents an otherworldly fusion by combining floral and fruity notes with a touch of wood. The vibrant mix of green mandarin and juicy pear ignites a multi-sensory and hyper sensual journey. Sambac Jasmine, Alien's signature flower, reveals the hypnotic and feminine side of the fragrance. The electrifying notes of woody cashmeran revolutionize the senses.

La Vie est Belle Rose Extraordinaire Eau de Parfum

Price 59.95
Availability: 49 In Stock
La Vie est Belle Rose Extraordinaire Eau de Parfum is a modern reinterpretation of Lancome's iconic flower and desired feminine fragrance. The new floral addiction is composed of a heart built around Iris Concrete and three precious rose extracts: fresh rose water, damask absolute and space rose accord. Its floral heart is enhanced with an enveloping signature and nuances of woody moss that add depth and modernity to the fragrance. The iconic smile of La vie est belle is reinvented by renowned artist Catherine Krunas, resulting in a sculpted rose at the heart of the bottle. Each petal pays tribute to the different facets of the woman, transitioning from white to pink and highlighted with a touch of silver glitter.
Nina Ricci

Nina Le Parfum

Price 76.95
Availability: 81 In Stock

Discover Nina's new intensity with Nina Le Parfum, the latest clean and vegan fragrance from Nina Ricci . A feminine perfume that encourages you to follow your instinct.

Clad in vibrant pink, Nina Le Parfum invites you to take a risk by immersing yourself in its hypnotic fragrance. Let the mix of juicy apples with the elegance of white flowers and the warmth of amber woods surprise you. With its floral, woody and fruity notes, this surprising fragrance will encourage you to discover a new intensity and follow your instinct.

Lolita Lempicka

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum

Price 44.95
Availability: 38 In Stock
“LE PARFUM”. The name evokes an elixir, a powerful concentrate. The great return of the bestseller. Winner of numerous international awards and unmatched success. A gourmet and ultra sensual note of licorice and violet, enhanced by a dazzling touch of anise and wrapped in a voluptuous cloud of musk.
Zadig & Voltaire

This is Really Her! Intense Eau de Parfum

Price 96.85
Availability: 81 In Stock
This is Really her! The new perfume for women from ZADIG&VOLTAIRE This Is Really Her! is the new and intense perfume for women from ZADIG&VOLTAIRE. A bold new chapter in the love story of This Is!, a fragrance that takes you from day to night and from night to day, like a metallic leather jacket from Zadig. For a daring adventure without limits, wherever life takes you. A bold floral-amber fragrance
Giorgio Armani

Sì Passione Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 76.50
Availability: 306 In Stock

i Passione by Giorgio Armani the feminine perfume that reflects the power of passion. It is a fragrance that allows each woman to affirm who she is and unleash the passion that beats within her. The declaration of desire, love, life. Ideal for daring women who say yes, say 'yes' to passion. Armani iconic Sì fragrance is reinterpreted more passionately than ever in a bold floral creation. Lacquered on the inside, its new red bottle captures the true essence of passion.


Yes I Am Blum Up Eau de Parfum

Price 77.95
Availability: 99 In Stock
Yes I Am Bloom Up! This women's perfume is the effervescent new interpretation of the iconic signature YES I AM. This new fragrance is dedicated to optimistic women, capable of overcoming themselves with glamour. A sparkling aroma, with an iconic contrast of floral and fruity notes that will instantly put a smile on your face! YES I AM Bloom Up!, the new aroma of well-being and optimism. A never-before-seen effervescent creamy from Cacharel , designed by master perfumers Honorine BLANC and Alexis GRUGEON.
Giorgio Armani

My Way Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 109.85
Availability: 164 In Stock
My way Parfum is an invitation on a journey of self-discovery, capturing the life-affirming feeling of a step into the unknown. An intense and woody floral bouquet, born from the contrast between the brilliant Solar Tuberose and the majestic blue Iris Pallida, encapsulated in a new contrasting bottle, dressed in shades that graduate from inky blue at its base to radiant pink at its neck. The fragrance opens with the fresh, citrusy notes of Calabrian Bergamot Essence, mingling with sparkling Orange Blossom flowered in Egyptian Bitter Orange Essence.
Narciso Rodriguez

Musc Noir For Her Eau de Parfum

Price 98.95
Availability: 90 In Stock
Short description : In for her MUSC NOIR, the heart of musk is wrapped in an accord of plum, heliotrope and leather notes to create a fragrance that mixes shadows and lights, mystery and extreme sensuality.
Viktor & Rolf

Good Fortune Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 55.95
Availability: 149 In Stock
Good Fortune is the embodiment of a new positive lifestyle, an olfactory manifesto for spirituality and self-confidence, thus allowing you to create your own destiny. Since destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. This women's perfume is inspired by Viktor & Rolf's Spiritual Glamor Haute Couture collection, designed for a new profile of women who seek a purpose in life and are united by a strong and unbreakable feeling of sisterhood.

Paradoxe Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 63.75
Availability: 21 In Stock

Prada Paradoxe, the new iconic fragrance from Prada.

This feminine and floral fragrance is an invitation to discover and express the many paradoxical dimensions of women. The celebration of never being the same but always yourself.

A floral perfume that paradoxically reconciles iconic ingredients revealing new olfactory sensations.


Libre Eau de Parfum de Mujer

Price 81.95
Availability: 127 In Stock

Yves Saint Laurent - Libre Eau de Parfum is the new fragrance of freedom, a statement fragrance for those who live by their own rules. A reinvention of the floral perfume, it combines the essence of lavender from France with the sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom, for a unique floral fusion complemented by a bold note of Musk. Libre means FREE. It is a celebration of freedom: a fragrance for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are.


Mon Paris Eau de Parfum de Mujer

Price 74.90
Availability: 108 In Stock

The new eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent invites you to lose your senses in the heart of dizzying Paris. Passionate and free, brazen and feminine, this fragrance combines the sensuality of white musks with the hypnotic accord of Datura flower and the intensity of exceptional patchouli. Inspired by the incisive and resolutely modern style of the Yves Saint Laurent woman, the black shawl reveals the elegance of a multi-faceted bottle. The fragrance for lovers inordinate to live the intensity of a crazy love, in the spirit of a passionate love story, Mon Paris is born.