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The best women's perfumes " Éclair Parfumeries

Women's Perfumes

Choosing a perfume is a very personal and nuanced choice. Sometimes you are looking for a fresh but long-lasting women's perfume and sometimes you are looking for an intense perfume that lasts 24 hours. Find here the perfume you are looking for.

The best selection of the best perfumes and colognes for women. Exclusive brands and top sellers for all tastes: fresh, fruity, citrus, sweet perfumes... which one do you fancy today?


Izia Eau de Parfum

Price 57.60
Availability: 20 In Stock
Izia is a perfume created around a mysterious rose.
A rose like I find that only blooms once a year, for a moment. The starting point of a new modern and multifaceted perfume.
Dazzling and sophisticated at the top, it seduces with its floral and aerial notes with a woody and enveloping background.

My Way Floral Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 48.95
Availability: Out of stock
Armani 's MY WAY FLORAL perfume for women, with its fresh, blooming and luminous interpretation of the MY WAY white floral bouquet, evokes a memorable encounter, inviting those who wear the fragrance to broaden their horizons. MY WAY FLORAL creates a more floral, fresh and multi-faceted interpretation of MY WAY's contemporary floral signature, as the fragrance combines a blooming white floral bouquet with bright and fresh green notes.
Viktor & Rolf

Good Fortune Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 50.50
Availability: 71 In Stock
Good Fortune is the embodiment of a new positive lifestyle, an olfactory manifesto for spirituality and self-confidence, thus allowing you to create your own destiny. Since destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. This women's perfume is inspired by Viktor & Rolf's Spiritual Glamor Haute Couture collection, designed for a new profile of women who seek a purpose in life and are united by a strong and unbreakable feeling of sisterhood.

To Be Good Vibes Woman Eau de Parfum

Price 23.10
Availability: Out of stock
Bold colors and good vibes represent this new Police release. A modern fragrance that emanates the desire to enjoy life. A striking new look, representative of new trends. This new line conquers everyone who has good energy, it is a declaration of optimism and freedom.
Calvin Klein

Eternity Summer Daze Eau de Parfum for Women...

Price 49.95
Availability: 114 In Stock
Inspired by a romantic summer by the sea, ETERNITY Summer Daze Eau de Parfum For Women is an energizing floral fragrance. Symbolizing the ethereal character of youth, the fragrance blends fresh red berries with sophisticated florals to create an authentic sense of joy.

Paradoxe Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 91.50
Availability: 177 In Stock

Prada Paradoxe, the new iconic fragrance from Prada.

This feminine and floral fragrance is an invitation to discover and express the many paradoxical dimensions of women. The celebration of never being the same but always yourself.

A floral perfume that paradoxically reconciles iconic ingredients revealing new olfactory sensations.

Paco Rabanne

Fame Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 85.95
Availability: 429 In Stock

Discover Fame, the new and most desired fragrance for women: a future Paco Rabanne icon.

The Fame perfume is inspired by the irresistible Parisian spirit of the Paco Rabanne woman, while paying homage to a new era of femininity.

Fun, sensual and with character.

This Paco Rabanne fragrance creates an avant-garde and distinguishedly luxurious feminine signature.

Composed of exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and addictively sensual creamy frankincense.


Soir d'Orient Eau de Parfum

Price 100.75
Availability: 19 In Stock
This free variation of Eau du Soir transports us to a particular, almost magical atmosphere of an oriental palace.
El Alcázar reveals itself in a new facet and suggests a perfume wrapped in mystery that radiates and enhances femininity.

A warm opulence and enigmatic depth.
A sparkling and captivating burst at the head, it seduces with its spicy floral heart and delicately woody warm trail.

Soir de Lune Eau de Parfum

Price 71.95
Availability: 19 In Stock
An eau de parfum for women, voluptuous, intense and warm. A designer perfume inspired by a personal and artistic universe.

Soir de Lune is the night when love is declared. Original and unique, this fragrance reveals its own personality. Its smooth, spicy heat evokes a slightly fruity bouquet of flowers.

Soir de Lune reveals with sensuality and attraction a perfect alchemy between the freshness of crystalline citrus notes, the femininity and elegance of floral notes, and the character of woody and musky notes.

Izia la Nuit Eau de Parfum

Price 72.40
Availability: 16 In Stock
Izia La Nuit is a fragrance for a daring and elegant woman who is looking for an olfactory signature that identifies her clearly, but not completely. An extraordinary, curious and sophisticated perfume. This opulent and profound nocturnal fragrance is an encounter that awakens the unconscious and stimulates the senses. It exudes a dizzying array of sensual, full and radiant notes that develop and evolve over time as a metaphor for the myriad facets of the skin. Izia La Nuit is a new encounter, an ode to the night that follows Iza with a new intensity. The sculptural bottle created by artist Bronislaw Krzysztof is adorned with a mysterious shimmering lacquer. Its deep black tone contrasts with the delicate golden film that reflects the luminous juice.

Izia Eau de Parfum 50ml Limited Edition

Price 78.50
Availability: Out of stock
For the first anniversary of Izia, Sisley continues its collaboration with the artist Quentin Jones, and presents his fragrance with a new and original packaging, which reflects the colorful rock universe of the artist. The bottle reflects the golden sparkles of a perfume touched by the sun , and its curves represent the softness of the fragrance.
A soft pink flower delicately adorns the top of the bottle; its delicacy and lightness contrast with the rocker design of the box, and represent the heart of the perfume: a singular pink, which remains intact.

Eau du Soir Eau de Parfum

Price 71.95
Availability: 18 In Stock
A timeless, ambré, enveloping eau de parfum for women. Eau du Soir evokes a walk through the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville in Spain. At sunset, when the syringa flower exhales its fragrance.
A refined eau de parfum, full of contrasts, that combines the freshness of a citrus top note with the sensuality of a floral heart underlined by an elegant touch of chypre.
From the first moments, the crush between the Tangerine and the Grapefruit bathed in sunlight is perceived. Intense Rose Absolute and delicate Jasmine boldly respond to mesmerizing notes of Syringa and Ylang-Ylang.
In final touches: - base notes of ambré and patchouli embrace floral and fruity notes in a resolutely elegant trail.

Quartz Femme Eau de Parfum

Price 56.80
Availability: 24 In Stock

Classic and timeless Eau de Parfum. Olfactory family: Floral and fruity. Top notes: lemon, mandarin, bergamot. Heart notes: lily of the valley, iris and honeysuckle. Base notes: vetiver, patchouli.

Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Glam Eau de Parfum

Price 91.50
Availability: 93 In Stock

The new Good Girls arrive: strong, daring and fabulous. Good Girl is stomping again, now sharing her power with a new set of unstoppable women. All of today's Good Girls express some different facet of fragrance: playful and subtle, strong and feminine, playful and mysterious.

The new Very Good Girl Glam Parfum is an ode to the power of femininity and diversity, a bold and brilliantly daring fragrance. Very Good Girl Glam Parfum was born to join this tribute to women, who together radiate Joie de Vivre and who, wearing a stiletto, feel more confident and glamorous than ever, without fear of claiming who they are.

Very Good Girl Glam Parfum offers a rich cherry top note in a shimmering, deep cherry-red high-heeled bottle drenched in a dazzling and glamorous cascade of glitter. Rose water amplifies the fragrance's central note, elevating it from eau de parfum to intense perfume, while the sustainably sourced vetiver and Bourbon vanilla finish intensifies its depth and contrast.


Police To Be Born To Shine for Woman Eau de Parfum

Price 17.70
Availability: Out of stock
A woman who impresses with her charisma, who always shines like a star. She is a leader in everything she does, and her fragrance is like her. Addictive, you can't leave without it, it's sensual and leaves a mark. She never goes unnoticed, she is the protagonist par excellence, always under the spotlight. She enters the room drawing everyone's attention, everyone looks at her and admires her personality, her duality, strong and sweet at the same time. Its delicious unique contrasts steal your heart forever.
Juliette Has Gun

Magnolia Bliss Eau de Parfum 100ml

Price 91.85
Availability: 7 In Stock
It was a summer afternoon, one of those summers that stretch deliciously. A scent of magnolia hung in the air almost suspending time, and danced in your wild long hair. The notes escaped the record player, crackling like cicadas, before blending with the scent of lemon and mirabelle trees. With her flower crown and bare feet, she looked like Janis Joplin's muse. His mouth bit into a mirabelle plum with desire. And my senses were knocked down.

Splendida Tubereuse Mystique Eau de Parfum

Price 95.95
Availability: 10 In Stock

A nocturnal Eau de Parfum that enhances an exclusive Tuberose captured at dusk and diffuses its most sensual and aphrodisiac scent. An invitation to embrace an unexpected and addictive sensuality. An intense experience that reveals the intimate facet of a Woman. She transcends herself to experience a new voluptuous and addictive sensation.