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Cosmetics from leading brands for all kinds of needs. According to smell, according to the desired effect and with different textures and concentrations. For all skin types and with the formulation you are looking for. Natural, organic, vegan and paraben-free cosmetics.

Find your product in our online cosmetic shop. Choose from facial, body, hair, sun and men's cosmetics. You can even find specific cosmetic products for certain delicate areas such as eyes, eyebrows and nails.


Rénergie HPN 300-Peptide Cream Regenerating cream

Price 83.83
Availability: 90 In Stock
BENEFITS REGENERATES THE SKIN FASTER THAN THE PASSAGE OF TIME Discover, for the first time in history, a highly effective anti-aging cream that combines Hyaluronic Acid, 300 types of Peptides and Niacinamide. The highest concentration of Lancôme dermoactive ingredients, never seen before in a patented and easily absorbed formula. In an unprecedented study, skin regeneration was analyzed in women between the ages of 40 and 59, discovering that with the use of Rénergie HPN 300-PEPTIDE CREAM, their skin regenerated faster than the passage of time, with Demonstrated clinical results from the first week.

Ecological emulsion

Price 132.90
Availability: 18 In Stock

Émulsion Écologique is an essential revitalizing and moisturizing treatment. It has been made from a complex of plant extracts (Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Rosemary, Hops, Horsetail, etc.) selected for their stimulating and revitalizing action. Its composition allows: - Hydrate the epidermis, which restores comfort and luminosity - Help the skin to fight against external aggressions (pollution, tobacco, etc.) - Restore the tone and suppleness of the skin to help it benefit to the maximum from other treatments applied subsequently Its fluid and non-greasy texture leaves the skin matte.


Black Rose Precious Oil 25 ml

Price 148.88
Availability: 37 In Stock
Huile Précieuse à la Rose Noire is Sisley's first facial treatment oil for dry or mature skin. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, this dry and satiny oil with a preparative, nourishing and anti-aging action.

DOUCEUR LAIT GALATÉIS Facial cleansing milk...

Price 47.95
Availability: 5 In Stock
Galatéis Douceur gentle facial cleanser from Lancôme for normal to combination skin leaves the skin fresh and supple. It has a light, milky formula that purifies the skin in the morning and removes foundation, blush, eye makeup and all impurities of the day. Enriched with papaya and pineapple extracts, it leaves the skin fresh and clean. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on the face with circular movements, then remove with a cotton pad. The contents of the box are: Facial cleansing milk 400 ml + facial tonic 400 ml

DOUBLE SÉRUM Intensive anti-aging treatment

Price 82.95
Availability: 167 In Stock

The only hydric and lipidic dual-phase anti-aging treatment (1) enriched with 20 plant extracts that reactivates the 5 vital functions of the skin and for the first time deciphers the language of youth.

A unique, universal and nature-inspired dual formula that combines 20 of the most powerful anti-aging plant extracts with turmeric extract concentrated in turmerone to achieve a visible action on the signs of aging.


Extra-Firming Day Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream...

Price 59.80
Availability: 86 In Stock
The ideal anti-aging day treatment to regain the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Provides an immediate smoothing effect. Day after day, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the contour of the face is reshaped and the features are rejuvenated. The complexion is smoother and more luminous. Clarins anti-pollution complex. Apply Double Serum before cream to increase anti-aging efficacy. Apply every morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck, pressing outwards from the center of the face.

SUN Face and Body Tanning Oil SPF30 150 ml +...

Price 14.50
Availability: Out of stock
Face and Body Tanning Oil SPF 30 NUXE Sun This sun oil, with Aquatic and Solar Flowers, offers anti-aging cell protection and provides a sublime tan. Its fine texture, without alcohol, nourishes the skin and leaves a satin finish. Irresistible fragrance with notes of Sweet Orange, Tiaré Flowers and Vanilla.After Sun Refreshing Milk 100m This After Sun Treatment for Face and Body, with Aquatic and Solar Flowers, repairs, hydrates, satin and prolongs the tan for 2 weeks*. Its fresh texture provides an immediate sensation of comfort and calm. Irresistible fragrance with notes of Sweet Orange, Tiaré Flowers and Vanilla.

Merveillance Lift Firming Activating Oil Serum...

Price 38.95
Availability: 9 In Stock
Merveillance LIFT - Serum-in-Oil Firming Activator: discover skin as strong as you are! Experience strength in its pure state with a 100% active texture.This anti-aging serum contains ultra-corrective Microalgae Oil, a green active ingredient (2) that concentrates in a single drop the power of 4 billion active cells to strengthen the skin on a daily basis.3 drops are enough for instantly smoothed, supple and toned skin.+32% firmness in 1 month (1). Stronger and more resistant, the skin looks visibly younger.The ideal ally of all skin types thanks to a non-greasy and non-sticky oil texture.

Merveillance Lift Velvety Lift Cream 50 ml

Price 34.95
Availability: Out of stock
Merveillance LIFT - Velvety Smoothing Lifting Cream: discover skin as strong as you are! This smoothing cream contains ultra-correcting Microalgae Oil, a green active ingredient (3) that concentrates in a single drop the power of 4 billion active cells to strengthen the skin on a daily basis. Features are tightened for 64% of women (1). Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is firmer and tighter. After 2 months, 100% of women notice that their skin is more beautiful and supple.

Merveillance Lift Lifting Powder Cream 50 ml

Price 34.95
Availability: 5 In Stock
Merveillance LIFT - Lifting Effect Powder Cream: discover skin as strong as you are! Experience an instant anti-aging result thanks to an unprecedented plumping texture. 9 women out of 10 are convinced (3). This smoothing cream contains ultra-correcting Microalgae Oil, a green active ingredient (4) that concentrates in a single drop the power of 4 billion active cells to strengthen the skin on a daily basis. Upon application, skin is tighter for 71% of women (1). In 2 months, it is smoother: +63%(2). Wrinkles are corrected.

RÊVE DE MIEL Dermatological Cleansing Gel...

Price 19.75
Availability: 10 In Stock
Discover the Rêve de Miel Dermatological Cleansing Gel for Face and Body in a limited edition, large ultra-generous format. This creamy and deliciously honeyed cleansing gel for face and body dermatological, with Honey and Sunflower, takes care of dry and sensitive skin on a daily basis. Cleanses the face and body without drying it out. A gesture for your skin and for the planet with 92% ingredients of natural origin and a recyclable and 100% recycled plastic bottle. Its formula contains: Honey: recognized for its comforting and soothing properties, it takes care of dry skin. Plant-based cleansing base: gently cleanses the skin.

RÊVE DE MIEL Gentle Solid Shampoo 65 g

Price 9.77
Availability: 22 In Stock
Discover all the comfort of Rêve de Miel in a solid shampoo that gently envelops the hair thanks to the Honey of Provence and the precious Organic Camelina Oil. Its generous lather is easily rinsed off and allows for easy detangling. A favorite sulfate-free * product that leaves hair soft and silky while respecting the scalp. A gesture for the hair and for the planet

BIO Deodorant-Balm for Sensitive Skin 50 ml

Price 12.30
Availability: 9 In Stock

With this solid bio * deodorant, discover a new intuitive gesture that combines 24-hour deodorant effectiveness ** and treatment thanks to an unprecedented combination of absorbent vegetable powder and organic vegetable oil. Its powdery balm texture with a dry finish is easily applied with the finger, like a cream, enveloping the skin with a pleasant sensation of nutrition. Formula specially conceived for sensitive skin, its comforting fragrance provides the enveloping softness of Orange Blossom. Does not leave stains on clothes. Treatment formulated and manufactured in France. * With bio certification. ** clinical test.


BIO Relipidant Soap for Sensitive Skin 100 g

Price 7.60
Availability: 19 In Stock
This bio * dermatological soap effectively cleanses the face and body while respecting all skin types thanks to its creamy treatment texture enriched with Bio Camelina Oil. Traces of makeup, impurities and pollution fade under its fine, creamy lather to leave skin clean, perfectly nourished and soothed. Its comforting fragrance offers the enveloping softness of the Orange Blossom. Treatment formulated and manufactured in France. * with BIO certification.