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CURBICIA Normalizing lightness shampoo 150 ml

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This purifying shampoo for oily scalps gently removes excess sebum to help keep hair feeling fresh and light. Formulated with active ingredients of 100% natural origin, it combines curbicia hydrolyzate extract (patent pending*) with purifying and aromatic essential oils of clove, thyme, rosemary and orange to purify the scalp and regulate sebum production. In this way, you can space out the washes and restore the beauty of the hair.

René Furterer

VOLUMEA Detangle Volumizing Balm 150 ml

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VOLUMEA Volumizing Detangling Conditioner, enriched with a plant complex, provides instant, perfect detangling for fine hair and creates long-lasting volume from roots to ends. Visibly denser hair is left light and reveals long-lasting volume. 97% ingredients of natural origin. Without silicones.
René Furterer

VOLUMEA Volumizing Hair Spray 125ml

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This VOLUMEA natural hair treatment product provides volume and structure to straight hair, from roots to ends. Its fresh-scented mist texture facilitates drying, without leaving hair stiff. Hair is left soft and natural, revealing long-lasting volume. Product without rinsing. 97% ingredients of natural origin.
René Furterer

VOLUMEA Styling Amplifying Foam 200 ml

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VOLUMEA styling mousse works deep down to add volume and texture to fine hair. Provides light hold and creates supple, natural volume from root to tip. Thanks to its antistatic and anti-humidity properties, it perfectly controls volume and protects hair from frizz. Product without rinsing. 89% natural ingredients. Without silicones.
René Furterer

VOLUMEA Volumizing Expanding Shampoo for Fine...

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VOLUMEA texturizing shampoo can be used frequently on straight hair and is formulated with natural active ingredients. Designed to restore body and texture to weak and fine hair, it has a delicate vegetal aroma and facilitates detangling and drying: the hair is supple, soft and voluminous. 85% natural ingredients. Without silicones.
René Furterer

VITALFAN Reactional Hair Loss 3x30 Capsules -...

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The VITALFAN reactional anti-loss food supplement combines active ingredients of plant origin and vitamins and minerals to strengthen hair health* after pregnancy, stress or intense fatigue. Consume one capsule a day as a recommended treatment for three months. Without colorants. _x000D__x000D_For adult use. This food supplement cannot be used to replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. It is not recommended for pregnant women. Scientific information: tel. +33 0800 326 326 (free)._x000D_*vitamin B8 (biotin): helps to achieve healthy hair
René Furterer

VITALFAN Vitality Food Supplement 3x30 Capsules

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Thanks to its active ingredients, the VITALFAN Vitality food supplement helps maintain the beauty of hair and nails. It combines active ingredients of plant origin, essential vitamins and minerals that fight against fatigue: magnesium keeps hair strong, since stress and external aggressions can influence the quality of keratin, while the combination of vitamin E, copper and Manganese provides antioxidant action. For beautiful, strong hair and nails that radiate health. Formula without dyes.
René Furterer

TRIPHASIC Texturizing Detangling Conditioner 150ml

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This texturizing detangling conditioner complements the action of the TRIPHASIC Progressive and Reactional anti-hair loss treatments and the Shampoo with stimulating essential oils. It is formulated with natural extract of pfaffia and ATP and enriched with texturizing wheat proteins: it strengthens the structure of the hair from the roots, facilitates detangling and provides visible volume. The hair is perfectly detangled, soft and shiny. Without silicones. 94% ingredients of natural origin. biodegradable formula.
René Furterer

STYLE Finishing Spray - Hairspray

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This light finishing spray, with jojoba extract, has a fine texture that instantly fixes hairstyles, providing natural hold and protection to the hair. Gentle and effective, it envelops and moisturizes the hair fiber and can be easily removed by brushing, leaving no residue. Satin finish. Anti-humidity effect. Without silicones.
René Furterer

STYLE Hair Fixative Gel

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STYLE Fixative Gel provides instant hold and structure to any hairstyle. Its non-sticky and alcohol-free formula, with jojoba extract, hydrates the hair fiber to protect and preserve its beauty. It offers a shiny finish and long-lasting hold without feeling stiff. Without silicones.
René Furterer

STYLE Molding Foam 200 ml

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A styling mousse that shapes hair, enhances hairstyles and defines curls while providing natural, long-lasting volume. Thanks to its silicone-free formula with moisturizing and protective active ingredients, it reveals the beauty of the hair while providing volume and hold. Without silicones.
René Furterer

STYLE Thermoprotective Spray 150 ml

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A protective hair spray with an invisible finish that protects the hair fiber from the heat of dryers and curling irons up to 220°C. Provides optimal styling benefits with an anti-humidity effect for long-lasting frizz control. For flexible and light hair. Without silicones.
René Furterer

STYLE Fixative Styling Spray 150 ml

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The STYLE Fixative Spray provides structure to the hair, thanks to its high-precision targeted spray. Used as the last step in the styling process, it provides a strong hold with a natural finish and no feeling of stiffness. Its formula-care, with moisturizing and protective active ingredients, enhances the hair. Without silicones.
René Furterer

STYLE Hair shine spray 200 ml

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The STYLE Shine Veil with Jojoba Extract adds the perfect finishing touch to any hairstyle. It is the last conditioning step for styling and instantly adds shine to the hair without weighing it down, thanks to its care formula that protects the hair fiber and preserves its beauty. Non-greasy touch. Without silicones.