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The best perfumes and colognes for men " Éclair Parfumeries

Men's Perfumes

Here are the best perfumes for men of all time. Both the best-selling men's perfumes and those novelties yet to be discovered. In short, the best smelling men's perfumes so you can make the right choice

A selection of the best perfumes for men according to the experts. Perfumes and colognes 24 hours for all occasions and for all tastes, so you can find yours.

Calvin Klein

CK IN2U Eau de Toilette for Men

Price 19.99
Availability: 1073 In Stock

CKIN2U for men by Calvin Klein is a charismatic and uninhibited fragrance. From start to finish, the suggestive, fresh musk lingers on. This delicious day reaches its climax with a warm finish of vetiver. Calvin Klein IN2U is the Calvin Klein perfume for the new generation of men.

Paco Rabanne

Pure XS Eau de Toilette

Price 84.80
Availability: 275 In Stock
A fresh oriental fragrance. The perfumer's idea was to create a fragrance that evokes the feeling of chill but with an intense heart. .A true experience for all the senses. The notes of sage, thyme and ginger give it freshness with an aromatic touch, while the notes of cinnamon, vanilla and myrrh give it an oriental nuance.

Code Eau de Toilette Refillable

Price 57.95
Availability: 118 In Stock
An iconic fragrance full of captivating contrasts; Armani Code EAU DE TOILETTE is now encapsulated in a new statement bottle. A woody fragrance for a seductive and sensitive masculinity that reflects the contemporary and forward-thinking man. Crafted as a statement bottle with a unique round and square shape, the new Armani Code bottle reinvents a bold identity for an iconic fragrance. With its elegant and masculine black shape, enhanced by silver reflections and sensory experiences, the bottle stands as a striking design object, built to last. This new bottle is also refillable in all sizes, demonstrating Giorgio Armani 's concern for the planet.
Paco Rabanne

1 Million Eau de Parfum

Price 53.95
Availability: 217 In Stock

How can you become 1 Million out of millions? Be excessive with style. Exaggerate. only a little. Always try to be insolent: dare to excess. One Million perfume. A solar leather fragrance with a salty effect, warm on the skin. An addictive gold bar. A powerful fragrance. A perfume for a powerful man. Deliberately excessive.


Azzaro Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

Price 37.80
Availability: 43 In Stock

Azzaro Pour Homme Eau De Toilette , has been designed by Italian elegance and refinement, reflecting its creator Loris Azzaro , this elegant men's perfume combines natural sensuality and instinctive elegance. His iconic signature Woody, Aromatic, Fougère endows men with a timeless and charismatic virility. This creation combines luminosity (citrus notes and star anise), seduction (the fougère accord) and timeless virility (patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood). - Top: Star anise - Heart: Lavender - Background: Vetiver Azzaro Fragrances and its partners are committed to responsible development and sustainable luxury.

Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Eau De Toilette man

Price 44.80
Availability: 56 In Stock
Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb is the eau de toilette for men of Viktor & Rolf. After creating women's fragrances, designers delve into the world of men launching in 2012 this perfumeFor a man who wants a seductive, addictive and spicy fragrance. A spicy and woody juice that intoxicates and makes the man more seductive. Intended for an ambitious man, who achieves everything he sets his mind to and who wants to feel sexy, overflowing with sensuality. Thanks to the pepper, the fragrance is both fresh and fiery, with slightly fruity accents.Its bottle is a pomegranate, symbol of masculinity, a weapon that acts as a devastating bomb, and that refers to Flowerbomb, the bomb of feminine flowers but in this case of spices.
Paco Rabanne

1 Million Eau de Toilette

Price 89.95
Availability: 158 In Stock

Humor, sensuality, gentleman style. Paco Rabanne bets 1 million on the great return of male seduction. Gold, Paco Rabanne favorite material, reappears here in an astonishing bottle in the shape of a gold ingot, numbered and carved. Rogue-looking dandy, model Matt Gordon is the icon of 1 Million. Difficult to classify, 1 Million is a unique perfume where fresh notes, aromatic and spicy scents, a sensation of juicy fruit, but also notes of flowers, warm woods and a soft leather imprint are combined.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Le Parfum

Price 58.95
Availability: 18 In Stock

Heading towards Le Male Le Parfum, the new men's fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier ! In its black and gold officer's suit, this intense eau de parfum takes control of Le Male's olfactory line with style and strength. An elegance with a woody oriental trail, signed with a charisma and power of a leader. Sailors to your posts! The boss is here, for an almost imminent departure.

Carolina Herrera

Bad Boy Eau de Toilette

Price 52.95
Availability: 219 In Stock
BAD BOY is an aromatic expression of duality, representing the bold nature of modern man, those who chart their own path and design their own principles. He is strong and sensitive, as well as confident and laid-back. BAD BOY Eau de Toilette is a sensory journey, a combination of sophistication and modernity. BAD BOY opens with seductive notes of black pepper, white pepper and bergamot. At the heart of the fragrance, cedar wood and sage bring a magnetic elegance but the real secret lies at the base of the scent, with the sensual combination of tonka bean and cocoa. The lightning bolt flask is bold, distinctive and eye-catching, symbolizing heroic strength.
Paco Rabanne

PHANTOM Eau de Toilette for Men

Price 51.95
Availability: 118 In Stock

PHANTOM is the new fragrance for men, by Paco Rabanne . A futuristic fragrance, born from the fusion of the luxury of craftsmanship and new technologies. Created through a groundbreaking process, where ingredients that transmit energy, security and sensuality have been selected. A fragrance born from the encounter between the energizing freshness of lemon and vetiver, and the attraction of an irresistible creamy lavender and woody vanilla.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Eau de Toilette

Price 67.95
Availability: 172 In Stock

As virile as it is sexy, Le Mâle pays homage to the symbolic figure that has always inspired Jean Paul Gaultier : the sailor. This men's perfume has a non-conformist vision of masculinity. Evoking the familiar comforting scent of shaving foam, lavender is enhanced by the sensuality of vanilla.

Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette

Price 56.95
Availability: 84 In Stock

Confident and contemporary: clean lines make BOSS Bottled an iconic classic. Combining elegance and style, it was created with the modern man in mind. Vibrant with fresh and sensual notes, the fragrance exudes distinction, sophistication and pure joie de vivre. It's BOSS in a fragrance.


D By Diesel Refillable Eau de Toilette

Price 60.40
Availability: 138 In Stock
D BY DIESEL is the new fragrance for alternative spirits, designed for a better future and as universal as a pair of jeans. D is the sensual olfactory interpretation of a comfortable pair of jeans that gives everyone the confidence and freedom to act for change. No matter the gender or the origin, the aroma adapts and sublimates all skins, leaving a warm and unforgettable impression. D symbolizes the desire of free minds to come together to make their mark on a better future.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Ultra Eau de Toilette

Price 54.75
Availability: 40 In Stock
Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier , the mischievous sailor with whom you would get lost at sea! This masculine Eau de Toilette is a struggle between power and greed. The irresistible combination of black lavender, woody vanilla, pear juice and mint.
Hugo Boss

BOSS Bottled Parfum

Price 68.95
Availability: 34 In Stock
BOSS Bottled Parfum, for the man who knows he is the BOSS. Striking sophistication and inspiring warmth. This men's perfume features an amber-woody aroma with a noble heart of Orris root concrete and fig root accord that expresses its powerful charisma.
Paco Rabanne

Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Price 63.90
Availability: 177 In Stock

Pour Homme is a masculine perfume that represents an elegant, courteous, charming and authentic man. It is a symbol of sophistication and virility, a very aromatic and natural fragrance, which finds among its components lavender and thyme in its top notes, middle notes of geranium and clove and a deep base with tobacco and oak moss.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal New Him Eau de Toilette

Price 54.95
Availability: 147 In Stock

The new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier . Elegance, muscle and boxing gloves: the new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier makes a triumphant entrance with its masculine and sensual eau de toilette, energizing and highly addictive. Assaulting the senses and crowned with victories, this king of the ring captivates his followers with his brilliance and leaves in his wake a contrasting virile trail of intense oriental woody. Keep your guard up: his athletic charisma has fun taking down all opponents who provoke him. The Parisian cream of the crop trembles and asks for more: it's show time! Elegantly renew the caramel of your eau de toilette: how dare you?