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Perfumes and colognes for men & women " Éclair Parfumeries


Looking for the best perfumes for women? Citrus, fruity, fresh or intense and long-lasting. At Éclair we have the best selling perfumes and colognes for women and also the best men's colognes from top brands.

Find your ideal perfume among a wide variety of perfumes and colognes, both top sellers and those yet to be discovered. Eau parfum, eau de toilette, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, aromatherapy? you choose!

Calvin Klein

CK IN2U Eau de Toilette for Men

Price 19.99
Availability: 1554 In Stock

CKIN2U for men by Calvin Klein is a charismatic and uninhibited fragrance. From start to finish, the suggestive, fresh musk lingers on. This delicious day reaches its climax with a warm finish of vetiver. Calvin Klein IN2U is the Calvin Klein perfume for the new generation of men.

Nina Ricci

L'Air du Temps Eau de Toilette

Price 54.90
Availability: 433 In Stock

This fragrance embodies a feminine icon of Parisian style with a unique personality, symbol of a new free generation. With a vibrant modernity, this subtle, eye-catching and flawless fragrance is built around gorgeous flowers.

Paco Rabanne

Black XS For Her Eau de Parfum

Price 52.90
Availability: 335 In Stock

Provocative, radically wild. Enigmatic, provocative, enveloping, all in one, only suitable for rebellious souls. A fusion of the exotic tamarind flower and wild berries. Its heart of hellebore rose gives it an aphrodisiac twist. Inspired by the lights of the night, its background is captivating thanks to the black vanilla.

Paco Rabanne

Pure XS Eau de Toilette

Price 74.95
Availability: 279 In Stock
A fresh oriental fragrance. The perfumer's idea was to create a fragrance that evokes the feeling of chill but with an intense heart. .A true experience for all the senses. The notes of sage, thyme and ginger give it freshness with an aromatic touch, while the notes of cinnamon, vanilla and myrrh give it an oriental nuance.
Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum Woman

Price 50.50
Availability: 154 In Stock
Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf created their first perfume, Flowerbomb, revealed on the catwalk at the Fall 2004 fashion show. Flowerbomb is the fragrance of a dream woman: spectacular, it's emotion in motion. It can't be ignored, especially because wherever she goes, there's a breeze of fragrance"More, more, more flowers" was the designers' catch phrase, resulting in over a thousand flowers currently contained in this bottle.. An opulent floral bouquet composed around two mythical accords: An explosive accord: an opulent trio of jasmine sambac, roses and freesia and an addictive accord: an addictive voluptuous trail of patchouli, amber and praline.
Lolita Lempicka

Mon Premier parfum Eau de Parfum Lolita Lempicka

Price 35.95
Availability: 162 In Stock

Lolita Lempicka Mon Premier Parfum is an ode to femininity that seduces immediately, intensely and eternally. With its sensual aroma with spicy touches, Mon Premier Parfum is presented in a polished apple like a precious stone, a gem that enhances the fragrance and from which sparkles of light emanate.

Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette

Price 56.95
Availability: 94 In Stock

Confident and contemporary: clean lines make BOSS Bottled an iconic classic. Combining elegance and style, it was created with the modern man in mind. Vibrant with fresh and sensual notes, the fragrance exudes distinction, sophistication and pure joie de vivre. It's BOSS in a fragrance.

Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Eau De Toilette man

Price 44.80
Availability: 59 In Stock
Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb is the eau de toilette for men of Viktor & Rolf. After creating women's fragrances, designers delve into the world of men launching in 2012 this perfumeFor a man who wants a seductive, addictive and spicy fragrance. A spicy and woody juice that intoxicates and makes the man more seductive. Intended for an ambitious man, who achieves everything he sets his mind to and who wants to feel sexy, overflowing with sensuality. Thanks to the pepper, the fragrance is both fresh and fiery, with slightly fruity accents.Its bottle is a pomegranate, symbol of masculinity, a weapon that acts as a devastating bomb, and that refers to Flowerbomb, the bomb of feminine flowers but in this case of spices.

Azzaro Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

Price 37.80
Availability: 51 In Stock

Azzaro Pour Homme Eau De Toilette , has been designed by Italian elegance and refinement, reflecting its creator Loris Azzaro , this elegant men's perfume combines natural sensuality and instinctive elegance. His iconic signature Woody, Aromatic, Fougère endows men with a timeless and charismatic virility. This creation combines luminosity (citrus notes and star anise), seduction (the fougère accord) and timeless virility (patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood). - Top: Star anise - Heart: Lavender - Background: Vetiver Azzaro Fragrances and its partners are committed to responsible development and sustainable luxury.

Nina Ricci

Nina Rose Eau de Toilette

Price 58.95
Availability: 218 In Stock
Nina sees life in pink… a feminine floral fragrance, Nina Rose is an injection of optimism and joie de vivre. An invitation to make dreams come true. Bergamot and lemon join a juicy pear to create a tangy, mouth-watering accord. Neroli and orange blossom form a velvety bouquet whose softness is enhanced by a haze of white musks, while cedar wood adds an extra elegance and modernity to the composition. Nina Rose, the new pink delight. Ingredients: Bergamot, Pear, Néroli, Orange blossom, Cedar wood, White musk Nina Ricci iconic apple-shaped bottle is covered… in pink, of course!

Mon Paris Eau de Parfum de Mujer

Price 48.95
Availability: 81 In Stock
The new eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent invites you to lose your senses in the heart of dizzying Paris.Passionate and free, brazen and feminine, this fragrance combines the sensuality of white musks with the hypnotic accord of Datura flower and the intensity of exceptional patchouli.Inspired by the incisive and resolutely modern style of the Yves Saint Laurent woman, the black shawl reveals the elegance of a multi-faceted bottle.The fragrance for lovers inordinate to live the intensity of a crazy love, in the spirit of a passionate love story, Mon Paris is born.

Angel Seducing Eau de Parfum 15 ml

Price 20.95
Availability: 378 In Stock
ANGEL SEDUCING STAR THIERRY MUGLER: Angel perfume is the first fragrance in the Oriental Gourmet history. A fragrance of pure excess, totally unique, sensual, sweet and addictive. Mugler Angel effect is the metamorphosis of the woman who wears it, between a seductive sorceress and a triumphant woman. Mugler Angel perfume is made up of three waves: Ondas Celeste (evoking the smell of the wind, the sky and the infinite: Bergamot and Pink Berry); Onda Delicia (emotion of childhood and sweets: red fruits and praline) and Onda Voluptuosa (the seductive instinct of the easygoing woman: Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedar and musk).
Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Fabulous Eau de Parfum

Price 63.95
Availability: 156 In Stock

Paco Rabanne new feminine fragrance: Lady Million Fabulous; embodies the hypnotic power of music and the unbridled joy of dancing. A floral-oriental fragrance that transfers the now iconic Lady Million to a world of white flowers intertwined with the sensuality of oriental wood. Join the most fabulous fragrance and live life at full volume


D By Diesel Refillable Eau de Toilette

Price 60.40
Availability: 138 In Stock
D BY DIESEL is the new fragrance for alternative spirits, designed for a better future and as universal as a pair of jeans. D is the sensual olfactory interpretation of a comfortable pair of jeans that gives everyone the confidence and freedom to act for change. No matter the gender or the origin, the aroma adapts and sublimates all skins, leaving a warm and unforgettable impression. D symbolizes the desire of free minds to come together to make their mark on a better future.
Lolita Lempicka

Sweet Eau de Parfum for women

Price 35.80
Availability: 119 In Stock

Inspired by a world where everything is possible and in which a feminine, seductive, attractive and captivating woman lives. A woman with the soul of a girl, whose sweetness is capable of making everyone fall in love.

Its aroma is exquisite and sophisticated. A sweet opening, a bitter heart of pure cocoa and a woody background create a fragrance that aims to give each woman the ingenuity of her childhood, the ability to be excited and the power to let her imagination run wild. An object of pleasure that awakens all the senses.

Calvin Klein

CK ONE Eau de Toilette

Price 29.90
Availability: Out of stock

Modern Pure Refreshing. CK One is a fragrance with a free and young spirit that inspires you to be yourself. Designed to be shared by men and women, it belongs to everyone. It was launched in 1994 and is still trendy, CK is always fresh.


BLACK OPIUM EXTREME Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 46.95
Availability: 24 In Stock

A perfect reinterpretation of the iconic Black Opium Eau de Parfum, the new Black Opium Extreme perfume for women, charges the air with extreme sensuality and ultra-feminine audacity, in a more long-lasting, addictive and intense version. The Black Opium Extreme woman is more feminine, bold and addictive. A more self-confident woman who enjoys living strong emotions and her natural habitat is the night, where she is cosmopolitan to the extreme, seducing and leaving her mark with the aroma of her perfume, now more intense.