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Eau de toilette

Nina Ricci

L'Air du Temps Eau de Toilette

Price 63.40
Availability: 420 In Stock

This fragrance embodies a feminine icon of Parisian style with a unique personality, symbol of a new free generation. With a vibrant modernity, this subtle, eye-catching and flawless fragrance is built around gorgeous flowers.

Nina Ricci

Nina Rose Eau de Toilette

Price 59.95
Availability: 214 In Stock
Nina sees life in pink… a feminine floral fragrance, Nina Rose is an injection of optimism and joie de vivre. An invitation to make dreams come true. Bergamot and lemon join a juicy pear to create a tangy, mouth-watering accord. Neroli and orange blossom form a velvety bouquet whose softness is enhanced by a haze of white musks, while cedar wood adds an extra elegance and modernity to the composition. Nina Rose, the new pink delight. Ingredients: Bergamot, Pear, Néroli, Orange blossom, Cedar wood, White musk Nina Ricci iconic apple-shaped bottle is covered… in pink, of course!
Nina Ricci

Nina Eau de Toilette

Price 47.95
Availability: 152 In Stock

For all women who seek surprises and fantasy in a magical world, where dreams dress reality, its magical perfume is a promise of charm, attractive and seductive femininity. A fresh floral and fruity perfume with sweet notes.


Anais Anais Eau De Toilette for Women

Price 25.95
Availability: 53 In Stock
THE PERFUME THAT RETURNS YOU TO YOUTHANAÏS ANAÏS L'ORIGINAL by Cacharel is an Eau de Toilette A reformulated scent of the classic eighties. This new release begins its wake with hyacinth and honeysuckle, a chord governed by softness and delicacy, which quickly gives way to a romantic, tender and very flirtatious heart, formed by rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang, exquisite and luminous white flowers Finally, a pleasant warmth from vetiver, black currants and musk embraces our body, thus ending this aromatic cycle.EIGHTY REVOLUTION. In the 1980s, this perfume became the go-to fragrance for millions of young people. An unprecedented aroma and unforgettable today, which allows us to travel to our childhood in a matter of seconds.

Cabotine Gold Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml

Price 18.95
Availability: 227 In Stock
She is the quintessential star. A star in formation, a small sun that already has a certain fascination and that one day will shine with a thousand lights. Warm, sparkling notes of mandarin and tiare flower have instant appeal. Cabotine Gold brings a touch of soul and added radiance to a woman who knowingly plays on her own aura with talent and undisguised pleasure. This delicious comedy quickly conquers any audience.
Nina Ricci

Nina Fleur Eau de Toilette

Price 59.95
Availability: 162 In Stock

Inspired by fashion and full of optimism, Nina Fleur is the new vegan, clean, fruity floral feminine fragrance by Nina Ricci. A cheerful and luminous Eau de Toilette that evokes the daring fashion collections of Nina Ricci.

Nina Fleur opens with citrusy and fruity notes of Granny Smith apple and lemon from Italy. This accord blends into a natural and luminous heart of neroli and orange blossom. The musky base blends soft musk and refined cedar to round out this fruity-floral fragrance with warmth.

Clean, vegan, animal-friendly and made with 92% ingredients of natural origin, Nina Fleur is a truly organic perfume.

Nina Ricci

Nina Rouge Eau de Toilette

Price 35.95
Availability: 6 In Stock

Connecting with the origins of Nina, a caramelized apple that has already become an emblem, Nina Ricci today creates Nina Rouge: an eau de toilette that makes the color red the symbol of a joyful and spontaneous enchantment. And that gives greater prominence to a bold taste bud. How to resist? The fragrance, floral taste, opens with a fruity facet that fuses a juicy raspberry with fresh citron skin. It follows a very feminine and vibrant floral bouquet where the gardenia and the ginger flower merge. Finally, Bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel give Nina Rouge her unique taste stamp. So is the magic formula for this joyous and delightfully addictive fragrance.


Cabotine Rose Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml

Price 18.95
Availability: 182 In Stock
There is no doubt that Cabotine Rose is the original little sister of Cabotine de Grès : it shares its characteristic fragrance style: easy to wear, delicate and elegant, with a floral freshness and a strong signature. However, Cabotine Rose asserts a thorny but romantic personality of her own. The inspiration and creation of the fragrance are based on a harmony of two sensual and captivating flowers: cherry blossom, the symbol of spring and renewal, and Jasmine Pikake, a flower celebrated for its radiance.
Isse Miyake

L'Eau d'Issey Magnolia L'Eau de Toilette

Price 60.70
Availability: 60 In Stock
L'Eau de Toilette Intense L'Eau d'Issey Eau & Magnolia is a radiant and delicate fragrance. The velvety softness of a magnolia petal enhanced by the coolness of water for a luminous infusion bursting with floral notes. L'Eau d'Issey Eau & Magnolia pays homage to the iconic bottle in its own way. A minimalist bottle that goes back to basics, adorned with a touch of beige and topped with a wooden stopper that echoes the raw, untouched nature that inspired it. The L'Eau d'Issey Eau & Magnolia bottle is made from 20% recycled glass. Each wooden stopper, made of ash, is unique due to its color and grain. The fragrance itself is vegan and is made up of 85% ingredients of natural origin.

Rochas Girl Blooming Eau de Parfum

Price 37.50
Availability: 30 In Stock
Girl Blooming, is the limited edition of GIRL in which neroli flowers now bloom covering the bottle. A reinterpretation of GIRL by maintaining its floral-woody and citrus fragrance essence and maintaining a vegan formula with 90% natural ingredients. The star ingredient of this limited edition is neroli, known for its FEEL GOOD properties that provide a new dimension of relaxation and well-being. The top notes are bergamot, strawberry, juicy mandarin and tangy blackcurrant buds.

GIRL Eau de Toilette

Price 38.80
Availability: 22 In Stock
Girl is the floral, woody, citrusy fragrance for a generation that is committed and attentive to its well-being In a world in constant evolution, Girl is more respectful of the environment thanks to its vegan formula, which contains 90% ingredients of natural origin, and its eco-designed bottle with 40% recycled glass. On the top notes, luminous notes of neroli with relaxing properties combine with the freshness of pink berries and blackcurrant. In the heart, the fragrance evolves to the aromas of orange blossom and jasmine, which radiate femininity. Finally, white woods and vanilla leave a soft, textured trail.
Nina Ricci

Nina Soleil Eau de Parfum 50ml

Price 48.85
Availability: 128 In Stock
Nina Soleil, the new and delicious women's perfume in limited edition by Nina Ricci . With its sweet, fresh and light notes, this oriental citrus floral fragrance exudes spontaneity and joie de vivre.Nina Soleil Eau de Toilette pays homage to a very French guilty pleasure: Chantilly. This lightly sweetened whipped cream gives the fragrance a delicate velvety and gourmand sensation. Mandarin orange and bergamot accentuate its light freshness, while luminous, powdery gardenia underlines its sweetness. Its charm is irresistible, and even more so when a soft cedar and a particularly appetizing vanilla complete this delicious fragrance.

Chloe Nomade Eau De Toilette

Price 42.95
Availability: 5 In Stock

Nomade Eau de Toilette embodies freedom-loving women. A face-to-face and joyful encounter, conveyed by the captivating eyes of this woman who personifies the intensity of the moment. A strong and nomadic identity, like the Chloé woman: modern, sunny and natural with timeless elegance. Nomade Eau de Toilette is a sunny interpretation of the Eau de Parfum. A fragrance based on natural ingredients created by perfumer Quentin Bisch. The vibrant and enchanting sweetness of Litchi is revealed in the top notes, the essence of radiant femininity. Freesia presents multiple nuances combined with a delicate enveloping floral facet. The character of oak moss enhances the notes of this brilliant fragrance.


Mugler Alien Eau De Toilette for women

Price 33.70
Availability: 62 In Stock
Mugler Alien Eau de Cologne for Women is a dazzling and enigmatic Eau de Toilette that illuminates the senses with radiant freshness. It is a citrus, amber and woody creation that arises from the majestic combination of the freshness of mandarin, the luminosity of jasmine and the depth of the notes of white amber.Olfactory notes - Olfactory family: floral, amber and woody olfactory family This Eau de Toilette offers a great olfactory experience around three revelations: Dazzling reveal: Tangerine -Solar Revelation: Jasmine -Enveloping Revelation: White AmberJar Its parma-colored bottle, cut like a jewel, is inspired by amethyst crystal, a symbol of humility and femininity.
Carolina Herrera

212 NYC Eau de Toilette

Price 78.50
Availability: 78 In Stock

212 is an aroma that opens a new world of sensations; a concept, the success of the synthesis, a modern and innovative fragrance that, at the same time, is very feminine and elegant. Freshness, transparency and elegance combine to fit the style of the modern woman. Its dominant notes are floral, bright and light, achieved with flowers and stems in the top notes, and combine perfectly with the sensual richness of the base notes of sandalwood and white musk. Gardenia brings that metallic touch that conveys the modernity of this urban fragrance.


Rochas Girl Eau de Toilette 75ml Refillable

Price 63.70
Availability: 98 In Stock
Girl 75ml is the refillable format of Girl, the floral, woody, citrus perfume for a committed generation attentive to their well-being. In a world in constant evolution, Girl is more respectful with the environment thanks to its vegan formula, which contains 90% ingredients of natural origin, and its eco-designed bottle with 40% recycled glass.