Huile Prodigieuse Florale

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Multi-function Dry Oil for face, body and hair. Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil with 7 precious vegetable oils, among which are the repairing Argan oil and the hydrating Tsubaki Flower oil. DISCOVER IT IN A NEW FLORAL, FRESH AND DELICATE PERFUME. In a single gesture, the skin is nourished, smoothed, unified and sublimated; hair is softened and shiny. Proven anti-oxidant and on reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Contains 96.9% ingredients of natural origin. 100% vegetable oils.


copy of BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Parfum Collector...

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Celebre con oro la edición limitada de BOSS BOTTLED Eau de Parfum, presentada en un frasco dorado con acabado de espejo. Una fragancia que combina la frescura de las notas de manzana y bergamota con un cardamomo intensamente adictivo y la oscura elegancia del vetiver.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR Moisturizing Body Fluid Normal/Dry Skin...

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Lipikar Fluid, body moisturizer for dry/normal skin by La Roche-Posay. Deeply moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, soothes and protects the skin from external aggressions. Suitable for babies, children and adults. Its formula ensures high tolerance for normal and dry sensitive skin. -With Niacinamide to immediately soothe the skin and protect it from external aggressions, helps to restore the cutaneous barrier. -With shea butter and glycerin to replenish lipids and moisturize. -Highly concentrated in La Roche-Posay thermal spring water.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR Dry Skin Moisturizing Body Milk

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Relipidizing moisturizing body milk for dry or very dry skin, or skin prone to atopic eczema. Replenishes lipids and reinforces the cutaneous barrier providing 48 hours of hydration and protection from external aggressions. Relieves the sensation of tightness and restores long-lasting comfort to the skin Suitable for babies, children and adults. Silky texture, not greasy and quickly absorbed. Guarantees optimal skin tolerance. Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol-free.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR SURGRAS Extreme Dry Skin Shower Cream...

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Gentle, soap-free, anti-drying concentrated shower cream for very dry skin of the whole family. Suitable for babies, children and adults. Sensitive, very dry skin with tightness and discomfort. Unique formulation with Niacinamide, an active ingredient that soothes the itching sensation. Enriched with 10% lipid-rich concretes and Shea Butter to help repair the skin's natural hydrolipidic barrier in the shower, thus preventing skin dryness. With neutral pH, it maintains long-term softness by reducing tightness.


FAMILY PACK PH5 Lotion 1L + 400 ml

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Body lotion for the daily care of sensitive skin. Hydrates, regenerates and protects against external agents that damage and irritate the skin of the whole family to make it more resistant and less sensitive.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR Soothing Shower Gel Lavant 750 ml

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Shower gel that gently cleanses, soothes and protects the sensitive skin of the whole family, from newborns to the elderly. Suitable for the hygiene of the face, body and intimate areas, including children's scalp. Does not sting the eyes. Helps restore the skin barrier, respecting the physiological pH of the skin. Formulated with Niacinamide, a soothing active ingredient that relieves itching sensation, and Shea Butter known for its action to repair the skin's hydrolipidic film with skin-like lipids. Clean, soft, moisturized and irritation-free skin. Pleasant texture in a format for the whole family.

Alum Stick Stone

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Alum stone was a very important trade between East and West. In Roman times, it was extracted from the mines in the city of Rocca, in Syria, before being democratized to Italy to meet Western demand. Alum stone is translucent with a frosty appearance and has an invigorating flavor. Today in Today, alum serves primarily as a body deodorant and is found in rough or carved stone, powder or spray.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR Soothing Moisturizing Body Balm....

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Lipikar Baume AP+, anti-itch body moisturizer for atopic skin by La Roche-Posay. It immediately soothes atopic or extra dry skin on the skin of newborns, infants, children and adults. La Roche-Posay after research for over 30 years has shown that to treat and soothe atopic skin is not enough to repair the skin's protective barrier. It is also necessary to balance its microbiome, the population of microorganisms found on the skin's surface.

PH5 Ultralight Lotion

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Ultra-light body lotion for the daily care of sensitive skin. Hydrates, regenerates and protects against external agents that damage and irritate the skin of the whole family to make it more resistant and less sensitive. Rapid absorption in 30 seconds.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR SYNDET AP+ Relipidizing and...

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Ultra-gentle, relipidizing and anti-irritation shower cream for atopic-prone, very dry or irritated skin. With physiological pH for ultra-gentle cleansing, it reduces itching from the shower. Soothes the skin immediately and helps to keep the skin moisturized for 24 hours.Suitable for newborns, babies, children and adults; for facial and body skin. Suitable for baby's scalp, and milk coast treatment. Fragrance free. Tested under pediatric control. Tested under ophthalmological supervision. High tolerance. Hypoallergenic.
La Roche Posay

LIPIKAR XERAND Repairing and Moisturizing Hand...

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Repairing hand cream. Thanks to its moisturizing and repairing agents, it restores the hydrolipidic film and leaves the skin soft and supple. For added comfort, it leaves a light, non-greasy film that penetrates immediately. It is water resistant and protects the epidermis against daily aggressions. Lipikar Xerand Hand Cream is a light cream that nourishes, protects and repairs dry and damaged hands providing immediate absorption.