Eyebrow Gel & Mascara


Phyto-Sourcils Fix

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Phyto-Sourcils Fix outlines, enhances and structures the look in a single gesture. Its formula enriched with nylon fibers gives body to the eyebrows and its two gels give them a subtle color. They appear naturally bushier. With a smooth texture and fast drying time, Phyto-Sourcils Fix is the perfect balance between hold and flexibility. Shade 0 is an invisible colorless gel to discipline all eyebrow colors. Shade 1 and 2 subtly color the brows for an intensified look. Throughout the day, the makeup remains comfortable, thanks to an "elastic" texture that follows the facial expressions. It combines a Passionflower extract that provides softness to the eyebrows and provitamin B5 that makes them flexible and fortifies them as the days go by.

Couture Brow Mascara

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Yves Saint Laurent - Eyebrow liner in cream texture, for a medium to intense finish. Your signature is the frame of your look. Created by Lloyd Simmonds, Couture Brow allows you to fix, structure and intensify your eyebrows to make them as natural or sophisticated as you want to enjoy them for 24 hours. For women who are looking for an intense eyebrow make-up or even if they have full eyebrows they want to intensify them. Its formula, composed of gelling fixatives and semi-opaque pigments adapted to all eyebrow colours, offers optimal comfort, ultra-long-lasting hold and variable intensity.
M2 Beauté

Eyebrow Enhancer color & care (brown) 6 ml

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EYEBROW ENHANCER COLOR & CARE is an innovative gel that stimulates the growth of the eyebrows, providing fixation and a uniform natural tone.

A multifunctional tinting brow gel (4 in 1): provides growth, nourishment, hold and color.

M2 Beauté

Eyebrow Renewing Serum 5 ml

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The highly effective EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM thickens your eyebrows, extends their growth phase and delays the cycle of premature loss thanks to its high-quality components. For a natural look with thicker and more expressive brows.

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Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex 8ml

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The effective EYEZONE CONDITIONING CARE COMPLEX for eyelashes and eyebrows cares for and shapes your lashes, while boosting their growth.

Based on high-quality peptide complexes, this conditioner lengthens, revitalizes and provides shine and flexibility.

In addition, the active ingredient in acai berries makes them stronger and protects them naturally.


Brow duo

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This 2-in-1 product sculpts, adds density, and sets brows. First, a gel-powder sculpts and visibly plumps up the brow. Its powdery texture transforms into a gel as light as water. The long-wear mascara then sets and intensifies the tone of perfectly defined brows.