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Unisex Perfumes

Here you have the best selection of perfumes and unisex colognes. Fragrances that are ideal for both men and women and that are also a perfect excuse to share. Choose between unisex eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum and get the best perfume for two

Oriental, fruity, fresh, citrus and even aquatic perfume. Leading perfume brands have created unique unisex perfumes to suit all tastes. At Éclair we have compiled them for you, so you can find the unisex perfume that suits you.

Calvin Klein

CK ONE Eau de Toilette

Price 29.90
Availability: Out of stock

Modern Pure Refreshing. CK One is a fragrance with a free and young spirit that inspires you to be yourself. Designed to be shared by men and women, it belongs to everyone. It was launched in 1994 and is still trendy, CK is always fresh.

Zadig & Voltaire

This is Us Eau de Toilette

Price 38.70
Availability: 39 In Stock
THIS IS US! Pour Elle et pour Lui The new Eau de Toilette for Him and Her by Zadig&Voltaire signed by Mathilde Bijaoui. The strength of vanilla, present in the top notes, runs through the perfume to leave an infinite mark. Cashmeran™ brings a bright and cheerful facet. Rock sandalwood gives the fragrance an enveloping addiction. A perfume for you, a fragrance that brings together all the members of the Zadig tribe!
Calvin Klein

Ck Everyone EDT

Price 41.60
Availability: 64 In Stock

A clean, green, citrus fragrance. CK EVERYONE is a very current genderless scent that celebrates infinite freedom of self-expression. This multifaceted scent is fresh and provocative. Built on the iconic CK ONE heritage, this new scent is vegan, composed of naturally sourced alcohol and infused with ingredients derived from natural sources, making this fragrance Calvin Klein first "clean" fragrance.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male Pride Eau de Toilette Unisex Limited...

Price 68.50
Availability: 111 In Stock
The proud and festive manifesto of the new edition of Le Male Pride.“Freedom, equality, sexuality”. Long live our differences and the beauty of being who we really are! This is the committed manifesto of the new limited edition PRIDE Le Male 2022 and of Jean Paul Gaultier since 1982. With its sailor shirt and chrome body, its iconic cans and bottles claim a floral eau de toilette for everyone, which brings together genres around a rainbow of citrus, neroli and musky blond woods. On the march for tolerance! This year accompanied for the first time by Classique. Two bottles, a single unisex fragrance.
Calvin Klein

CK One Summer Eau de Parfum 100ml

Price 29.95
Availability: 103 In Stock
the new ck One Summer Daze Eau de Toilette transmits freedom and adventure, the unique feeling of a summer road trip. With its tart notes of citrus and mint iced tea, this vegan fragrance exudes a youthful feeling of warmth and happiness.
Calvin Klein

Be Eau de Toilette

Price 39.90
Availability: 30 In Stock
CK Be is different in every person who wears it, because Ck Be is about the freedom to be yourself. This unique musk tonic is pure and fresh, with a simple blend of herbs, citrus and florals. Launched in 1996, CK Be is a sensual unisex fragrance that invites you to close your eyes and open your mind.
Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Pride Eau de Toilette Unisex Limited...

Price 61.80
Availability: 44 In Stock
The proud and festive manifesto of the new edition of Pride Classique“Freedom, equality, sexuality”. In a dark blue sailor tank top, this limited edition Pride Classique 2022 is the standard bearer of its creator's commitment. Since 1982, between fashion shows and perfumes, Jean Paul Gaultier has been committed to defending our differences. The chrome body, its iconic tin and its proud bottle claim here a floral eau de toilette for everyone, together with Pride Le Male. A rainbow trail of citrus, neroli and musky blond woods, bringing together the genders in their march for tolerance alongside Classique: two bottles, one unisex fragrance.


Price 118.65
Availability: 18 In Stock

Eau d´Hadrien is the universal perfume inspired by the Tuscan landscape. It is the expression of Annick Goutal love for Italy. A subtle and fresh fragrance at the same time. Timeless and universal, for women and men, for any age and season.



Price 66.60
Availability: 9 In Stock

Eau d´Hadrien is the universal perfume inspired by the Tuscan landscape. It is the expression of Annick Goutal love for Italy. A subtle and fresh fragrance at the same time. Timeless and universal, for women and men, for any age and season.


Le Temps Des Rêves

Price 66.60
Availability: 11 In Stock

Guided by poetry and emotion, Maison Goutal's new feminine fragrance tells the story of a return to roots in Grasse, the city of orange trees and the cradle of perfumery. Le Temps des Rêves is a walk through this city of a thousand bitter orange trees, where founder Annick Goutal first learned to play her olfactory scales. It distills the sunny, tender and nostalgic fragrance of orange blossom, emblem of the sweetness of life under the Mediterranean sun. Like a dream about the origins of perfume.


Infusion de Rose Eau de Parfum Unisex 100 ml

Price 81.95
Availability: 21 In Stock
THE DELICATE SCENT OF A GARDEN OF ROSES INFUSION ROSE by Prada is a unisex "Eau de Parfum" belonging to the Floral family. It is a soft and delicate perfume, but one that perfectly expresses the essence of pure nature, and allows us to escape from the bustle of the big city to a solitary place, outdoors and in full contact with the environment. Its olfactory pyramid begins with an intense freshness, with two totally different facets, initially a citrus whiff created by the mandarin invades our senses, to then be tinged by a green freshness, coming from the galbanum.

Voyage d'Hermes Eau de Parfum

Price 64.50
Availability: 13 In Stock
The perfume: lively, comforting and generous, between warmth and intensity."An invitation to discovery, meeting and sharing." Jean-Claude ElenaA novel that feeds on the imagination, Voyage d'Hermès expresses the profound and original relationship that the house maintains with travel. It is a game of paradoxes and complements, of unpublished alliances that are put at the service of a fresh, musky, familiar and surprising woodsy, between comforting and with impulse, which suits women as well as men. Philippe Mouquet, designer and collaborator of Hermès, has created for Voyage d'Hermès a nomadic bottle-object designed for travel, messenger of movement.

Infusion D'Iris Eau de Parfum Unisex

Price 59.90
Availability: 8 In Stock

INFUSION IRIS by Prada is a unisex "Eau de Parfum" with floral and woody notes. This perfume makes a nod to the traditions of the past so that they let us understand the place we occupy in the present, and at the same time, it seeks a perfect harmonious balance in a chaotic world, transporting us to an isolated place in full calm. Its delicate and elaborate wake begins with the flower of the African orange tree, orange, mandarin and neroli, citrus fruits with a certain point of sweetness, which create a soft mattress on which the floral notes settle, its protagonists, such as iris, mastic resin of the mastic. and galbanum, finally ending with a soft woody background.


Infusion D'Iris Cèdre Eau de Parfum Unisex 100 ml

Price 84.90
Availability: 18 In Stock
THE SEARCH FOR MALE BALANCE IRIS CÈDRE INFUSION by Prada is a unisex "Eau de Parfum" that belongs to the Woody Floral family. This perfume enhances the search for balance in a world that is constantly undergoing change, a modern reinterpretation of the classic style that defines this collection. Its trail, delicate and subtle, begins with iris and cedar, giving it a powdery and noble tone, here, the iris reveals its most complex and voluptuous facet, but, even so, it stands out for its incredible finesse. Next, its heart is starred by the Tunisian neroli, a white, soft and luminous flower that guides us to a slightly more intense and characterful background, where we appreciate the presence of benzoin and incense.

Au The Vert Eau de Cologne 75ml

Price 59.99
Availability: 17 In Stock
A fresh and luxurious Eau de Cologne for men and women that pays homage to Japanese Green Tea. With a bright and exclusive accord, this fragrance is a vital expression of refined elegance that awakens and refreshes the senses.