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Top Secrets Instant Ultra Moisturizer 40 ml

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As part of the Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets skincare range, Instant Moisture Glow Ultra Moisture combines silky moisturizer and the efficacy of a foundation for intensely hydrated and luminous skin.Enriched with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. Its melting texture transforms into a fine emulsion on contact with the skin, providing softness and comfort.

Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion...

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Did you know that living fast decreases skin hydration by 50%?A hectic urban life exposes the skin to many aggressors (pollution, uv, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep ...), which decreases skin hydration by 50%.Yves Saint Laurent Hydra Bounce Essence moisturizing cream with its innovative micro-droplet texture is designed to diffuse intense hydration and comfort into the skin. It is enriched with the optimal daily dose of Vitamins E and B3 in synergy with moisturizing 100% pure orange blossom from Morocco.

Super Hydrating Body Balm

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The Super-Hydrating Body Balm nourishes and hydrates all skin types, even the driest, thanks to its concentration of shea butter. Natural organic raspberry water extracts, tamarind pulp acids and organic oat sugars soften and smooth the skin's texture. Its melting texture that instantly penetrates the skin allows you to get dressed immediately.

Rêve de Thé Firming Toning Cream 200 ml

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This delicately scented cream, as firm on the skin as it is tender on the mind, contains a firming duo that combines Green Tea with an extract of Rye. Its "ice effect" texture quickly penetrates the skin, offering a delicious shiver and an immediate invigorating sensation. 90% of women consider that the skin is hydrated. As the days go by, the skin visibly recovers its elasticity and firmness. After one month of use, it is smoothed, tonic for 90% ** of women and firmer for 81% ** of them. * Use test - 21 volunteers -% satisfaction immediately after application. ** Use test - 21 volunteers. % satisfaction after 28 days of use. Treatment formulated and manufactured in France.
Annick Goutal

PETITE CHÉRIE BATH & BEAUTY (Body cream) 200 ml

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Annick Goutal wanted to pay tribute to her daughter. I had wanted to associate rose and pear for a long time. Isabelle Doyen wanted to recreate the image of her childhood home, when the flavor of the pears she drank had something of the roses that sprung up next to the pear tree.


Mineral Body Lotion 250 ml

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Rapidly absorbing body lotion that protects the skin with Dead Sea minerals and softening aloe vera to stimulate and elevate natural hydration processes for a smooth and refined skin texture.

Dermud Nourishing Body Cream 200 ml

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Combination of rich texture of Dead Sea mud, vitamins and plants that provides intense hydration to soften and soothe the skin. It helps to alleviate the effects of dry and sensitive skin and combats the aggressive effects of dry and cold climates.

Lancôme Nutrix Royal Corps Repairing Body Cream...

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The restorative nutrition and long-lasting comfort so that dry skin turns into baby skin. An ultra-nourishing texture that penetrates quickly for instant relief. Its fresh perfume provides a delicious sensation of well-being. Repairs and nourishes dry skin, restoring the skin barrier. Visibly transforms the skin's surface. Royal Lipideum, an exclusive complex, rich in royal jelly and vegetable oils, is designed to repair the epidermis and re-find a smooth and soft skin, with lasting comfort. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the Nutrix Royal moisturizing cream all over the skin except the face, massaging it.

Biotherm Aqua Gelee Intense Hydration Gel 200 ml

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Are you looking for fast, fresh and intense hydration? Aqua Gelée is a body gel from Biotherm that offers a healthy balance of hydration concentrated in an aqueous gel that provides an explosion of freshness on the skin while hydrating it. Its gel texture, aquatic, emulsified, dense and with a rapid cooling effect on the skin, leaves an energizing sensation thanks to the revitalizing citrus aroma of the fragrance.

Biotherm Aquasource Gel Facial Moisturizing...

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Do you want to get the number 1 moisturizer on the market? Discover Aquasource Gel. Its fresh, smooth watery texture and a delicious fragrance will captivate you. Our iconic hydrating gel, now with a proven regenerating action and greater efficacy in luminosity. New 48-hour hydrating gel texture treatment. A fresh aqueous gel that provides intense hydration and luminosity while regenerating the skin. New visibly more effective formula with an enhanced scent. Indicated for all women who consider that hydration is the fundamental step of the treatment or who need a moisturizer to help them regain the natural luminosity of their skin.

Biotherm Bath Therapy Relaxing Essence Body...

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Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience for your skin with the Bath therapy body balm, with different aromatic essences. All formulas include the regenerative power of Life PlanktonTM Unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm and powerful aromatic essences from naturally derived ingredients. To awaken the senses and relax body and mind thanks to Red Berries and Rosemary.

Biotherm Bath Therapy Invigorating Essence Body...

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Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience for your skin with the Bath therapy body balm, with different aromatic essences. All formulas include the regenerative power of Life PlanktonTM Unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm and powerful aromatic essences from naturally derived ingredients. To awaken the senses and invigorate body and mind thanks to Ginger and mint.

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Mist 150 ml

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Instantly hydrated skin? Get a smooth, soft and regenerated skin with the Mist of Lait Corporel: a light and fresh mist of fast absorption, non-greasy and with a silky finish. A unique formula with all the power of Life PLanktonTM, the unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm , the best hydrating and revitalizing active ingredients, citrus essences.Spray the mist evenly on the body at a distance of 10 cm. Then extend with gentle ally movements using the palm of your hand.

Biotherm Sensitive Force Recovering Balm...

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If your skin is easily irritated and you feel sensitive, this is the balm for you. This hydrating and soothing balm is designed for sensitive skin. Its formula combines Life Plankton ™, Biotherm exclusive unique regenerating ingredient with botanical actives, such as Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica, which soothe, protect and strengthen the skin day after day.

Biotherm Bath Therapy Revitalizing Cream body...

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The Bath Therapy Revitalizing Blend body cream from Biotherm is a body cream that hydrates and softens the skin, it is a regenerating and pleasant moment that helps to take care of the body and mind. For whom? For a client looking for a body treatment based on aromatherapy. A client looking for an innovative and ultra-sensory gift proposal Its main ingredients: SEA SALT: Also called Sea Gold Sea salt, which has been used for centuries to treat the skin, regenerates itself due to its antiseptic and softening properties. ALGAE: The seaweed is mixed with proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, it helps the skin to maintain a high level of hydration and elasticity, while giving it all the nutrients it needs.


Velvety Body Cream Eau Ressourçante 200 ml

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Voluptuousness for the skin and pleasure for the senses: this body cream with an unctuous and generous texture combines a perfume based on essential oils and plant extracts according to the principles of aromatherapy and herbal medicine. To give the skin an irresistible velvety touch, extracts of sarsaparilla, robinia and longan help to hydrate, soften and stimulate. Likewise, basil, iris, cedar and benzoin envelop the body with their fresh and soothing soft notes.