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Clarins Men Energizing Eye Gel 15 ml

Price 26.75
Availability: 42 In Stock
It is the ideal treatment for men who lead intense lives. A real dose of energy, vitality and hydration for a tired eye contour. The powerful action of organic red ginseng extract contributes to the production of energy in the skin to energize, stimulate it and allow it to resist all kinds of aggressions (extreme temperatures, exhaustion and stress). For a smooth and fresh eye contour, a rested look and visibly smoothed skin.

Hydra-Sculpt Gel Moisturizing Restructuring...

Price 48.90
Availability: 36 In Stock
The hydrating treatment for men that visibly redefines the contour of the face. Its unprecedented dual technology for men brings together the most effective plant extracts to bring extraordinary benefits to men's skin. Each of the 2 bottles has an independent dispenser, which allows to ensure that both formulas are not mixed until the moment of application and thus always obtain the right dose of product for maximum effectiveness.

Clarins Men Energizing Gel 50 ml

Price 35.95
Availability: 29 In Stock
It is the ideal treatment for men who lead intense lives. A real dose of energy, vitality and hydration for tired skin. The powerful action of organic red ginseng extract contributes to the production of energy in the skin to energize, stimulate it and allow it to resist all kinds of aggressions (extreme temperatures, exhaustion and stress). For a radiant complexion and rested skin, without traces of fatigue, and more toned.

Anti Wrinkle Firmness Gel Cream 50 ml

Price 47.25
Availability: 27 In Stock
This hydrating men's facial rejuvenates the face… and the spirit! Visibly reduces wrinkles and deep expression lines, and firms the skin. The facial features visibly regain their smoothness. It is available in 2 versions: a comfortable fluid and a cream "for dry skin".

Exfoliating Cleanser 125 ml

Price 22.45
Availability: 25 In Stock
The 2-in-1 men's skin treatment with a creamy texture that cleanses and purifies the skin with maximum comfort. Saponaria extract and zinc gluconate add their cleansing and purifying properties for perfectly clean and healthy skin. 2 exfoliating actives remove dead cells and deep-clean pores. This facial scrub for men leaves the skin smoother and softer, and the complexion fresher. Apply the scrub on a damp face, avoiding the eye contour. Generate a lather and massage gently. Rinse well.

Face Cleanser 125 ml

Price 20.50
Availability: 19 In Stock
For clean, healthy skin, this gentle facial cleanser with purifying grindelia and wintergreen extracts washes away all impurities and traces of contamination. The cleansing foam softens and tones irritated skin after shaving, and provides it with a shield to protect it from damage. In the morning, use the cleansing gel to wake up the skin and prepare it for shaving. At night, apply to remove the impurities of the day. Generate lather on a damp face. Rinse well and finish with cold water to tone.

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Cleansing Gel 125 ml

Price 22.70
Availability: 9 In Stock
Biotherm Homme T-Pur Cleansing Gel reduces acne marks and blemishes, prevents discomfort associated with beard growth and cleanses pores for softer and smoother skin than ever with this Biotherm Homme T-Pur sensory scrub for textured face gel. Formulated with purifying Sea Salt Crystals, it achieves a clean, matte skin without shine from the first application. A sensory formula with a very fine granule suitable for skin with blemishes.

Biotherm Homme Aquapower 72 h Concentrated...

Price 38.95
Availability: 5 In Stock
The hydrating power of a glacier at the service of your skin. Moisturizes the skin by acting both on the inside and outside, adding hydration to the surface and trapping it within it at the same time. Protect your skin against dehydration and other external conditions such as pollution, heat and humidity. Biotherm Aquapower moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and protected for 72 hours regardless of the conditions it faces. Aquapower 72H technology benefits from the powerful extract of P. Antarctica, a glacial microorganism discovered in the ice of Antarctica.

Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum 20 ml

Price 29.60
Availability: Out of stock
This revitalizing eye serum is the energizing solution capable of reversing the first visible signs of aging around the eyes. Thanks to its anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and smoothing action, the look is fresher, younger.

Anti Wrinkle Firmness Cream 50 ml

Price 44.60
Availability: Out of stock
The anti-wrinkle cream for men designed to reduce wrinkles and marked expression lines and, at the same time, combat double chin. The extract of paracress, a plant of the Malagasy pharmacopoeia, firms and regenerates the skin. By reducing fat, caffeine reduces the relaxation of the lower part of the face. It is also available in an Anti-Wrinkle Firmness version for dry skin, with a very comfortable cream texture.

Biotherm Homme Age Fitness Advanced Daily...

Price 43.90
Availability: Out of stock
Prevent skin from aging prematurely with Age Fitness from Biotherm an anti-aging preventive treatment that will allow you to stay ahead of time. Its formula provides antioxidant protection for 12 hours. It has a unique complex that fights and prevents the first signs of aging: Spirulina: to help preserve the youthful appearance of the skin. The antioxidant green algae extract H. pluvialis, rich in Astaxanthin: helps prevent damage caused by the daily attack of oxidants due to pollution, stress or UV rays. Life Plankton ™ Regenerating Extract: helps stimulate the skin regeneration.

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect...

Price 66.20
Availability: Out of stock

Are you looking to repair the signs of aging in depth? Biotherm Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum for men is a powerful anti-aging concentrate that reduces wrinkles, irregularities and firms the skin with an ultra-light texture and rapid absorption. Force Supreme activates the youth of your skin thanks to: - Life PlanktonTM, the unique regenerating ingredient exclusive to Biotherm that calms, repairs and renews the skin's natural defenses, protecting it from aging and external aggressions. - Blue algae extract that strengthens the skin barrier, enhancing cell regeneration and protecting collagen fibers. - Pro-XylaneTM, a powerful anti-aging molecule that strengthens the dermal matrix and helps rebuild all layers of the skin from the inside.


Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine...

Price 22.35
Availability: Out of stock

Biotherm Homme T-Pur Anti Oil & Shine Moisturizing and mattifying gel has a clean skin effect. The formula helps protect the skin against the adhesion of micro-particles of contamination. Ultra-absorbent and mattifying, it keeps the skin hydrated and matte throughout the day: 8 hours of clean skin. Its application for 4 weeks provides a less oily, purified and healthier-looking skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves a cooling sensation on the skin. For men who sometimes feel they are wearing a "dirt mask", with shiny skin and visible pores, or those who live in environments with pollution and humidity. Enriched with antibacterial seaweed extract + zinc to regulate fat and with mineral perlite absorb


Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Hydrating Gel to...

Price 31.90
Availability: Out of stock
Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Hydrating Gel reducing signs of fatigue has an instant cold effect to stimulate the skin, it achieves the benefits of 4 extra hours of sleep visible on the skin thanks to a cocktail of energizing ingredients. ENERGY + COMPLEX ™ + MINT HYDROLATE An energy drink for your skin that stimulates and improves the properties of the skin (PURE GINSEN, VITAMIN C, CAFFEINE AND GUARANA). The peppermint extract provides a cool effect. POLYMER LOADS THE NEXT GENERATION OF POLYMERS provides instantly smooth skin and hides signs of fatigue. SPIRULINE ALGAE Helps to improve the structure of the skin and improves the fight against the effects of fatigue.

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Black Regenerating...

Price 57.90
Availability: Out of stock
During the night the skin multiplies its capacity to regenerate and repair itself. Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care by Biotherm Biotherm Homme's first comprehensive night treatment. A dark gel capable of activating the skin's full regenerative potential overnight and repairing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, blemishes and lack of firmness.