The hydrating power of a glacier at the service of your skin. Moisturizes the skin by acting both on the inside and outside, adding hydration to the surface and trapping it within it at the same time. Protect your skin against dehydration and other external conditions such as pollution, heat and humidity. Biotherm Aquapower moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and protected for 72 hours regardless of the conditions it faces. Aquapower 72H technology benefits from the powerful extract of P. Antarctica, a glacial microorganism discovered in the ice of Antarctica. The extract of P. Antarctica is joined by the highly hydrating agents of mannose and hyaluronic acid as well as the regenerating power of Life Plankton, with the aim of helping the skin to conserve its natural water reserves. With this refreshing and super-cold skin cocktail, skin dehydration is avoided for 72 hours. Its texture transforms on contact with the skin: its gel-cream consistency allows a homogeneous application to offer continuous hydration with a sensation of intense freshness.

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