Do you want to regain your natural shine? Discover Aqua Glow, enriched with all the illuminating power of Vitamin C. For those girls who manifest dull skin, sallow, lack of luminosity or an uneven skin texture. Boosts cellular energy and recovers the natural luminosity of the skin. Biotherm Aqua Super Concentrates is the trio of products for girls looking for their first treatment, formulated to hydrate their skin tailored easily and simply. Three innovative hydration formulas specifically designed to visibly transform the youngest skin depending on its type and need. All three formulas contain the power of LIFE PLANKTON ™ WATER, the water resulting from the production process of Life Plankton ™, Biotherm unique regenerative ingredient, very rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which calms and protects the natural barrier of the skin. In this way, it reconstitutes the skin's hydration network and activates its ability to maintain its hydration.

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≤ 50 ml
Dull complexion
Skin type
All skin types
Moisturizing Care

Biotherm Aqua Super...