Aqua Pure Flash Mask is a hydrating mask from Biotherm that acts like a second skin that deeply infuses the skin with intense hydration, powered by the combination of salicylic acid and Life Plankton probiotic water, for pure skin in a single application. One mask is enough to deeply replenish and refine your skin, with pores that appear less visible and skin that appears purified and fresh. Main Ingredients: This hydrating mask is formulated with a combination of: - Salicylic acid, known for its powerful purifying properties. - The same concentration of Life Plankton water found in a bottle filled with its super Concentrate *. This combination will give your skin a fresh start. * Life plankton water concentration in a 50 ml bottle of super concentrate. Texture: This moisture-laden 100% cotton moisturizing mask is infused with salicylic acid, created to retain more moisture than traditional masks. As soon as it touches your skin, its second-skin effect helps active ingredients penetrate deeply for fresh, long-lasting skin hydration, making it the best hydrating mask for purer skin. Results: 24H FLASH HYDRATION: Significant improvement in skin hydration that lasts 24 h after a single application: + 54.82% after 1 H / still + 12.04% after 24 h. BLOCKED WATER: -31% reduction in transepidermal water loss after 1 hour, for a protective and repairing effect on the skin barrier function. PURIFIED SKIN: 79% of women find their skin looks pure after 4 weeks. FRESHER SKIN: 91% of women find their skin looks fresh after 4 weeks. IMPROVED SKIN APPEARANCE: 86% of women find that their skin appearance visibly improves after 1 week. * Results of clinical tests of hydrating efficacy, 24 women * Results of clinical tests of transepidermal water loss, 25 women * Results of the self-assessment test, 58 women.

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