My Clarins ReCharg Night Mask 50 ml

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"The nighttime infusion that relaxes, redensifies and recharges the skin to wake up with a good face! Its relaxing perfume soothes the epidermis so that you can finally go to rest. The skin is recharged with water. Velvety, fresh, soft, supple and redensified... The skin looks beautified when it wakes up. Ingredients: Coconut water: its extract is part of the rebalancing Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex. Rose of the Alps: its extract is part of the rebalancing Healthy Skin [In&Out] Complex. Huang qi: its extract helps to purify and clarify the complexion. Fig: its extract promotes skin hydration. Acerola seed: its extract contributes to proper oxygenation of the skin."

Hyaluronic Acid Leave-on Mask 50 ml

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Hyaluronic acid is a component that has proven its reliability and popularity thanks to its moisturizing properties that help combat sagging skin. With the new discoveries made by AHAVA it has been shown that Osmoter™ significantly increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 20% inside the skin, and prevents moisture loss outside. It captures additional moisture, increases the skin's hydration level and smoothes its texture. Hyaluronic Acid-Leave-On Mask 50ml • Replenishes moisture for supple, relaxed skin. • Smoothes and improves the surface and texture of the skin. • Strengthens the skin barrier. • Prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the long term. • Without PEG, without silicone.

Black Rose Cream-Mask 60 ml

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The Masque Crème à la Rose Noire mask instantly offers youth to the skin. Rich in anti-aging active ingredients (Black Rose Extract, Padina Pavónica, Alquequenje Chalice), it acts instantly on the signs of tiredness and brings youth and vitality to the skin. It combines three actions to recover a luminous complexion and renewed skin in just 10 to 15 minutes: - An anti-wrinkle and redensifying action. - A revitalizing action. - A moisturizing and softening action. With an exquisite Rose perfume, this mask with a smooth and creamy texture provides an instant of relaxation and pleasure.

Express Glow Mask 60 ml

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Masque Eclat Express a red clay cleansing mask that leaves skin with a radiant glow. The absorbing power of the clay, in combination with plant extracts (Carrot, Red Vine and Rosehip) and essential oils (Rosemary and Chamomile), help remove complexion-dulling impurities while deeply cleansing the skin. The texture of Radiant Glow Express Mask is soft, flexible and non-drying and does not create a feeling of stretching on the skin. In 3 to 5 minutes, the skin is clean and radiant.

Deep Purifying Mask with Tropical Resins 60 ml

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The SOS gesture for an immediate purifying result. Masque Purifiant Profond balances the epidermis and removes impurities from the first application. This mask absorbs excess sebum, effectively removes impurities and mattifies the skin without drying it out.

Express Gel Mask with Flowers 60 ml

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Gel Express aux Fleurs is a refreshing, moisturizing and toning gel-cream mask, particularly aimed at dehydrated or tired skin. Thanks to a high concentration of moisturizing (lily and iris extracts) and regenerating (sesame extract) active ingredients, in just 3 minutes:
- Moisturizes
- Tones - Eliminates traces of fatigue and stress
- Smoothes expression lines
- Unifies the complexion

Linden and Frost Mask 60 ml

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The Masque Givre au Tilleul cream mask is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks to its softening properties: - Relaxes, soothes and smoothes the features. - Unifies the complexion and restores its natural shine.

Hydra Flash 60ml

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Hydra-Flash is a powerful moisturizing mask enriched with plant extracts and essential oils (Rice, Sesame, Marjoram, etc.): - Intended for dehydrated skin, it promotes better water retention
- Immediately, the skin recovers comfort and freshness, it appears revitalized.


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The super-powered mask that hydrates the skin, visibly diminishes the signs of fatigue and restores all its radiance. Its plus? Its enveloping texture "glacier" effect that immediately awakens the skin for a fresh and radiant face.
Helena Rubinstein

RE-PLASTY LIGHT PEEL Renewing Lotion 150 ml

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Oxidative stress and inflammation caused by pollution and today's urban lifestyle lead to premature skin aging: dull complexion, rough skin, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Inspired by the "instant peels" developed at LACLINIC-MONTREUX for high efficacy without discomfort, the HELENA RUBINSTEIN laboratories have created Re-PLASTY LIGHT PEEL, an unprecedented renewing lotion. Thanks to its unique technology, based on an innovative biphasic texture, Re-PLASTY LIGHT PEEL exfoliates the skin like a peeling and softens it like an oil, smoothing the skin and giving it radiance.
Helena Rubinstein


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Peeling is an aesthetic medicine technique that acts on the quality of the skin's surface. At LACLINIC-MONTREUX, plastic doctors have developed a peeling procedure enriched with anti-ageing active ingredients to correct and protect the skin and visibly rejuvenate it. Inspired by this exclusive technique, Helena Rubinstein laboratories have associated 3 powerful active ingredients to combine 3 actions: Peeling - Correction - Protection. As soon as you wake up, a high definition skin: smooth, soft, luminous. After 1 month: wrinkles and expression lines are reduced. Surface roughness and irregularities are smoothed. The skin is as if renewed.
Helena Rubinstein


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Throughout the day, the skin is subjected to various aggressions that generate the production of free radicals in the epidermis. The epidermis is covered with a thin layer of dust, sebum and fine pollutant particles. As the skin is suffocated, it looks dull and coarse. HELENA RUBINSTEIN laboratories have developed a new weekly product to block impurities: POWERCELL ANTI-POLLUTION MASK. This new exfoliating balm removes with water and purifies the skin while ensuring its comfort.

pRetinol Sheet Mask 16ml (per unit)

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AHAVA has created a new safe retinol complex. The new complex uses the rich and natural beta-carotene content of Dunaliella Salina algae to convert it into Retinol once applied to the skin. In this way, Retinol is produced only according to the needs and "demand" of the skin, without forcing the skin to adapt to the Retinol molecule and without side effects. In other words, Ahava ρRetinol ™ is a safe process with the same results as Retinol. The pRetinol Sheet Mask is a concentrated pretinol mask that helps fight wrinkles, firms and revitalizes, bringing luminosity to the skin.

Mineral Radiance Detox Mud Mask 100 ml

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Mask that detoxifies and eliminates pollution instantly. Fortified with OsmoGuard ™, this mineral-rich Dead Sea treatment strengthens the skin against urban pollution. Deeply hydrates, purifies and soothes skin to visibly smooth wrinkles, giving skin radiance and shine. Contains Venuceane ™, which enhances the skin's natural detoxification.

Purifying Mud Mask 100 ml

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A proprietary blend of Dead Sea mud, minerals and purifying natural extracts, this mask deeply cleanses and detoxifies pores for a fresh, unified complexion. Absorbs excess oil while purifying and hydrating for a radiant complexion.

Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Remodeling Lifting...

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With age the face loses definition. The new Rénergie de Lancôme lifting reshaping mask features 17% carnauba wax and beeswax to shape facial contours and give skin a firming, tightening sensation. A unique and nourishing texture to instantly envelop the skin and give it a tightening effect. The Rénergie Multi-Lift range: The new Rénergie Multi-Lift incorporates the exclusive [Up-Cohesión] ™ technology, a combination of active ingredients tested under simulated micro-gravity conditions capable of achieving the most effective results for smoother skin, more firm, to restore tension to the skin and redefine the contours of the face, area by area.