Petit Brin Scented Water 50 ml

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Petit Brin scented water brings well-being and tenderness. Its natural formula* has an excellent tolerance in babies**. Tested and formulated for the delicate skin of the little ones, it is sprayed on the body, hair or clothes after bathing. A true moment of sensory sweetness, the Petit Brin fragrance awakens the baby's senses from birth._x000D__x000D_*97% ingredients of natural origin_x000D__x000D_**Excellent tolerance in babies, tolerance tested under pediatric control on 32 babies for 21 days.

Cream Balm 123

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Mustela Cream Balm 123 for diaper change, Prevents, relieves and repairs diaper irritations, 98% ingredients of natural origin

Gray Baby Basket

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Gray baby basket, with 5 Mustela products for babies: eau de toilette, moisturizer, balm cream, gel-shampoo and wipes. Ideal to give to a newborn.

Detangling Shampoo with Soothing Calendula for...

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"Klorane baby shampoo with BIO calendula flowers provides softness and cleanses, detangles and respects the fine hair and sensitive scalp of babies. The formula, completely biodegradable*, has been tested under pediatric supervision** and contains agents detanglers to leave hair supple and silky after bathing.The relaxing aroma envelops the delicate moment of hair care in a bubble of softness.*In accordance with OECD 301B.**Excellent tolerance in infants, tolerance tested under pediatric control in 33 infants for 21 days."


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Mustela Baby Liniment for the diaper area, with Olive Oil, Fragrance free, 99% ingredients of natural origin