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Liner Idole

Price 25.90
Availability: 11 In Stock
ULTRA PRECISE WATERPROOF EYELINER WATERPROOF DURATION 24H EXTRA THIN AND SOFT FELT TIP The secret to an intense and unforgettable look at the height of an Idôle: our Idôle Liners! Brighten your look and give it an instant opening effect in one easy swipe motion. The product is ophthalmologically tested. Do not use the product on waterline

Lancôme Plumer Liner Eyeliner

Price 19.99
Availability: Out of stock
Discover the high precision and long-lasting intense liner Plumer Liner by Lancôme . A liquid eye liner format liner that allows an extremely easy application thanks to its high precision brush that allows you to sculpt your gaze to perfection. A fine point for a precise, intense and modulable line.

Lancôme Grandiôse Liner Eyeliner

Price 28.70
Availability: Out of stock
Say goodbye to fear and flaunt a seductive look with Lancôme Grandiôse Liner eyeliner. Inspired by makeup artists' best kept secret, this intuitive applicator liner allows you to access the root of your lashes and draw a precise line from one end to the other on both eyes. With the innovative Lancôme applicator that allows a curvature of 35º it is possible to access both eyes, adapting to the shape of each eye.

So Intense Eyeliner 01 Deep Black

Price 42.75
Availability: 4 In Stock
So Intense Eyeliner is a felt-tip eyeliner with an intense black line for an instantly sublime look. A formula enriched with vitamin peptide, Rosehip extract and Arginine for stronger, denser and longer eyelashes day after day. So Intense Eyeliner does not dry out the eyelids and provides optimal comfort throughout the day (Cornflower extract, Matricaria extract, Provitamin B5 and Glycerin of vegetable origin). Its avant-garde flexibility and softness allow easy and moldable makeup, from the most minimalist to the most graphic, even for beginners. Its ink is resistant and durable to friction and does not come apart. It is suitable for sensitive eyes and for people who wear contact lenses.

Couture Eye Marker Eyeliner n.º 01 Noir Scandal

Price 27.40
Availability: Out of stock
Couture Eye Marker es un marcador de ojos fácil de usar que crea una apariencia gráfica atrevida de una sola vez. Fácil de aplicar y tan resistente como las circunstancias lo requieran. Permite crear una línea modulable con un simple trazo, desde la más gruesa hasta la más fina. Impetuoso e intenso. Negro y atrevido. Para mujeres que buscan intensificar su mirada para una mirada más profunda y sofisticada.Impetuoso e intenso.

Couture Eyeliner Delineador De Ojos

Price 27.80
Availability: 5 In Stock
Couture Eyeliner allows us to make a high precision line thanks to its exclusive applicator. Long lasting for day and night; up to 12 hours without transnference. With its ultra-thin tip, Couture Eyeliner glides on the eyelid for a flawless, long-lasting and transfer-free result. Its ultra-fine tip allows a perfectly controlled homogeneous line and extreme precision from the first stroke. For women who want to enhance the effect of eyeliner with a single-colour shadow on the mobile eyelid.

Lancôme Artliner Liquid Eyeliner

Price 28.70
Availability: Out of stock
Show off the power of a defined and intense gaze with Artliner, the liquid eyeliner from Lancôme . Its exclusive formula enriched with color pigments and mother-of-pearl, combined with smart technology, create long-lasting looks. Outlines the eye flush with the lashes and intensifies the look easily thanks to its flexible foam brush, obtaining a clean, dense and precise line in a single gesture. Enjoy a fluid, smooth and covering texture that defines and intensifies the look throughout the day.


Price 18.80
Availability: 14 In Stock
This revolutionary eyeliner combines the precision of an eyeliner with the stroke of a pencil. The ingenious “trident” shape of the applicator allows the space between the lashes to be filled “point by point” to naturally enhance the look and cover all the lashes. A totally new application that will allow you to easily wear a super intense look. And longer and stronger lashes thanks to the Be Long Lash complex.

Graphik Ink Liner

Price 19.85
Availability: 24 In Stock
Cat eyes, an intense or structured gaze? With the Graphik Ink eyeliner, women can now unleash their personality: the precise and easy-to-use marker tip allows you to dare with anything. This new eyeliner combines a perfect line and an intense black thanks to its pure "carbon black" pigments, which capture light and add more density to the color. Boost the look with all your weapons! This foolproof, transfer-free, long-wearing eyeliner highlights the endless look: The stroke stays clean throughout the day! The soft flame-shaped marker tip follows the contours of the eye contour perfectly, ensuring a homogeneous line and extreme precision. A simple gesture with an infallible result.