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Eau de parfum

Paco Rabanne

Black XS For Her Eau de Parfum

Price 61.60
Availability: 323 In Stock

Provocative, radically wild. Enigmatic, provocative, enveloping, all in one, only suitable for rebellious souls. A fusion of the exotic tamarind flower and wild berries. Its heart of hellebore rose gives it an aphrodisiac twist. Inspired by the lights of the night, its background is captivating thanks to the black vanilla.

Paco Rabanne

Fame Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 84.95
Availability: 235 In Stock

Discover Fame, the new and most desired fragrance for women: a future Paco Rabanne icon.

The Fame perfume is inspired by the irresistible Parisian spirit of the Paco Rabanne woman, while paying homage to a new era of femininity.

Fun, sensual and with character.

This Paco Rabanne fragrance creates an avant-garde and distinguishedly luxurious feminine signature.

Composed of exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and addictively sensual creamy frankincense.

Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Price 52.95
Availability: 235 In Stock

Fun, fabulous and brave, Very Good Girl is the most daring interpretation of the iconic Good Girl. A striking Eau de Parfum that shows that the true beauty of being a woman lies in the multifaceted nature of contemporary femininity. An irresistible fragrance for women that embodies the duality of modern femininity, elegant, yet sexy. A seductive rose scent that invites you on an astonishing journey through top notes of red currant and exotic lychee, plus notes of vetiver and vanilla for a contemporary finish. With its fiery design, Very Good Girl conquers new heights with a stunning red lacquered interior, the signature color and symbol of passion, sophistication and beauty.


My Way Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 63.75
Availability: 111 In Stock
My way Parfum is an invitation on a journey of self-discovery, capturing the life-affirming feeling of a step into the unknown. An intense and woody floral bouquet, born from the contrast between the brilliant Solar Tuberose and the majestic blue Iris Pallida, encapsulated in a new contrasting bottle, dressed in shades that graduate from inky blue at its base to radiant pink at its neck. The fragrance opens with the fresh, citrusy notes of Calabrian Bergamot Essence, mingling with sparkling Orange Blossom flowered in Egyptian Bitter Orange Essence.
Carolina Herrera

Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Price 48.95
Availability: 178 In Stock

Good Girl is a sensual and sophisticated fragrance, which reflects the duality of women. This innovative fragrance captures the complexity of women with exceptional ingredients. Each part of the fragrance is a reflection of the Herrera woman. A fruity and woody fragrance, with a contrast of chords that perfectly reflect the concept of duality.

Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum Woman

Price 50.50
Availability: 146 In Stock
Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf created their first perfume, Flowerbomb, revealed on the catwalk at the Fall 2004 fashion show. Flowerbomb is the fragrance of a dream woman: spectacular, it's emotion in motion. It can't be ignored, especially because wherever she goes, there's a breeze of fragrance"More, more, more flowers" was the designers' catch phrase, resulting in over a thousand flowers currently contained in this bottle.. An opulent floral bouquet composed around two mythical accords: An explosive accord: an opulent trio of jasmine sambac, roses and freesia and an addictive accord: an addictive voluptuous trail of patchouli, amber and praline.
Carolina Herrera

Very Good Girl Glam Eau de Parfum

Price 79.95
Availability: 150 In Stock

The new Good Girls arrive: strong, daring and fabulous. Good Girl is stomping again, now sharing her power with a new set of unstoppable women. All of today's Good Girls express some different facet of fragrance: playful and subtle, strong and feminine, playful and mysterious.

The new Very Good Girl Glam Parfum is an ode to the power of femininity and diversity, a bold and brilliantly daring fragrance. Very Good Girl Glam Parfum was born to join this tribute to women, who together radiate Joie de Vivre and who, wearing a stiletto, feel more confident and glamorous than ever, without fear of claiming who they are.

Very Good Girl Glam Parfum offers a rich cherry top note in a shimmering, deep cherry-red high-heeled bottle drenched in a dazzling and glamorous cascade of glitter. Rose water amplifies the fragrance's central note, elevating it from eau de parfum to intense perfume, while the sustainably sourced vetiver and Bourbon vanilla finish intensifies its depth and contrast.

Lolita Lempicka

Mon Premier parfum Eau de Parfum Lolita Lempicka

Price 35.95
Availability: 152 In Stock

Lolita Lempicka Mon Premier Parfum is an ode to femininity that seduces immediately, intensely and eternally. With its sensual aroma with spicy touches, Mon Premier Parfum is presented in a polished apple like a precious stone, a gem that enhances the fragrance and from which sparkles of light emanate.

Jean Paul Gaultier

So Scandal Eau de Parfum

Price 80.95
Availability: 59 In Stock

So Scandal! So Jean Paul Gaultier ! What a scandal! How do you dare? So extravagant. So Couture. The new Eau de Parfum So Scandal! humorously reveals an even bolder and more sensual Jean Paul Gaultier

Paco Rabanne

Pure XS For Her Eau de Parfum

Price 42.95
Availability: 289 In Stock
Pure XS For Her, the new feminine fragrance by Paco Rabanne . Carnal, sensual and ultra-magnetic. A persistent, wild and provocative fragrance, dedicated to those seductive, unique women with their own personality. A combination of unexpected notes, ylang ylang, vanilla and a burst of crunchy popcorn. An addictive and captivating result. On the skin, pure desire ...
Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Fabulous Eau de Parfum

Price 67.95
Availability: 151 In Stock

Paco Rabanne new feminine fragrance: Lady Million Fabulous; embodies the hypnotic power of music and the unbridled joy of dancing. A floral-oriental fragrance that transfers the now iconic Lady Million to a world of white flowers intertwined with the sensuality of oriental wood. Join the most fabulous fragrance and live life at full volume


Mon Paris Eau de Parfum de Mujer

Price 48.95
Availability: 65 In Stock
The new eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent invites you to lose your senses in the heart of dizzying Paris.Passionate and free, brazen and feminine, this fragrance combines the sensuality of white musks with the hypnotic accord of Datura flower and the intensity of exceptional patchouli.Inspired by the incisive and resolutely modern style of the Yves Saint Laurent woman, the black shawl reveals the elegance of a multi-faceted bottle.The fragrance for lovers inordinate to live the intensity of a crazy love, in the spirit of a passionate love story, Mon Paris is born.
Lolita Lempicka

Sweet Eau de Parfum for women

Price 35.80
Availability: 110 In Stock

Inspired by a world where everything is possible and in which a feminine, seductive, attractive and captivating woman lives. A woman with the soul of a girl, whose sweetness is capable of making everyone fall in love.

Its aroma is exquisite and sophisticated. A sweet opening, a bitter heart of pure cocoa and a woody background create a fragrance that aims to give each woman the ingenuity of her childhood, the ability to be excited and the power to let her imagination run wild. An object of pleasure that awakens all the senses.

Viktor & Rolf

Good Fortune Eau de Parfum Refillable

Price 50.50
Availability: 64 In Stock
Good Fortune is the embodiment of a new positive lifestyle, an olfactory manifesto for spirituality and self-confidence, thus allowing you to create your own destiny. Since destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. This women's perfume is inspired by Viktor & Rolf's Spiritual Glamor Haute Couture collection, designed for a new profile of women who seek a purpose in life and are united by a strong and unbreakable feeling of sisterhood.
Paco Rabanne

Lady Million Eau de Parfum

Price 44.95
Availability: 131 In Stock

Lady Million is the one running the game, ambitious but sympathetic. It is complex like femininity and its strong character is made up of contrasts. She embodies the woman, the one in which all women dream of looking alike and the one that men would like to seduce. The Lady Million woman forms an exuberant and striking couple. The Lady Million bottle is inspired by Paco Rabanne fabrics. An elegant, rounded and extremely feminine bottle. With a soft gold than the masculine one, the embossed metallic front combines with a faceted glass in order to highlight the juice. It is the perfect match for the 1 million bar: A strong gold diamond with a sure signature.


Angel Seducing Eau de Parfum 15 ml

Price 20.95
Availability: 280 In Stock
ANGEL SEDUCING STAR THIERRY MUGLER: Angel perfume is the first fragrance in the Oriental Gourmet history. A fragrance of pure excess, totally unique, sensual, sweet and addictive. Mugler Angel effect is the metamorphosis of the woman who wears it, between a seductive sorceress and a triumphant woman. Mugler Angel perfume is made up of three waves: Ondas Celeste (evoking the smell of the wind, the sky and the infinite: Bergamot and Pink Berry); Onda Delicia (emotion of childhood and sweets: red fruits and praline) and Onda Voluptuosa (the seductive instinct of the easygoing woman: Patchouli, Vanilla, Cedar and musk).

BLACK OPIUM EXTREME Eau de Parfum for Women

Price 46.95
Availability: 12 In Stock

A perfect reinterpretation of the iconic Black Opium Eau de Parfum, the new Black Opium Extreme perfume for women, charges the air with extreme sensuality and ultra-feminine audacity, in a more long-lasting, addictive and intense version. The Black Opium Extreme woman is more feminine, bold and addictive. A more self-confident woman who enjoys living strong emotions and her natural habitat is the night, where she is cosmopolitan to the extreme, seducing and leaving her mark with the aroma of her perfume, now more intense.

Paco Rabanne

Olympea Eau de Parfum

Price 61.95
Availability: 73 In Stock

Victorious and glorious. Icon, elegant and unique. As it passes the certainties are broken, banality explodes into a thousand pieces and the Gods awaken. Victorious and imperial is ready to seduce her hero, Invictus. A sensual, earthy and irresistible salty vanilla accord. Olympéa is an unprecedented olfactory adventure, a meeting between the sensuality of a salty vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes.