Tips to protect your skin in summer

Summer is here, and with it come sunny days and high temperatures. For that reason, we need to adjust our skin care routine, since we are more exposed to the sun and our skin needs special attention to stay healthy and radiant.

Therefore, this month, we have decided to leave you some practical tips and recommended products that we love to take care of your skin during these hotter months.

Daily sun protection

Using sunscreen is absolutely essential in summer. Not only can sun exposure cause sunburn, it also accelerates skin aging and increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, you cannot forget to apply a sunscreen with a good SPF index every day, even when the sky is cloudy.

Our recommendation : Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ from La Roche-Posay. Our experts especially love this sunscreen because it's super light and doesn't leave that greasy feeling that many others leave. Plus, it's perfect for daily use and absorbs very well into the skin.

ANTHELIOS Invisible Spray


Intense hydration with creams and serums

In the heat, the skin tends to dehydrate faster, so it is crucial to keep it well hydrated. Products with hyaluronic acid are our favorites because they really lock in moisture.

Our recommendation: Mineral 89 Booster from Vichy. This serum with hyaluronic acid is wonderful, it provides deep hydration and reinforces the skin barrier. You will feel like new!

Mineral 89 Booster


A Hydrating Mist is perfect for refreshing and hydrating your skin during the day, especially on those sweltering hot days, always have one in your bag.

Our recommendation: Avène Eau Thermale Spray. It is ideal for calming and refreshing the skin at any time. Perfect to take with you and apply every time you notice that your skin needs an extra freshness.

Eau Thermale


Regular exfoliation to smooth and refine skin texture

Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, leaving it brighter and smoother. It's important to exfoliate regularly during the summer to prevent the buildup of sweat and dirt.

Our recommendation: Clarins “Tonic” body scrub. This body scrub with essential oils based on organic sugar crystals and hazelnut oil, instantly eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaving clean and revitalized skin.

Tonic <span translate= 


Hair Care: hair protection and hydration

Hair also needs good protection from the sun. Using specific products can prevent damage and keep hair healthy and shiny throughout the summer season.

Our recommendation: SOLAR hair oil by René Furterer. This hair oil not only protects hair from the sun at a high index 50+, but also gives it a smooth finish and a shiny "wet" effect instantly.

Solaire René Furterer


Likewise, hair masks and oils are also essential to keep hair hydrated and prevent it from drying out.

Our recommendation: Marine Moisture Mask by Marlies Möller. It is an intense and refreshing mask with pearl extracts and marine minerals, leaving you with structured, strengthened and hydrated hair in a very light way.

Marine Mask


Light and long-lasting makeup

In summer, it is preferable to opt for light makeup that does not clog pores, is heat resistant and, above all, is comfortable to wear throughout the day and with a touch of color.

Our recommendation: Phyto-Hydra Teint by Sisley. This tinted cream offers excellent coverage, sun protection and hydration in one product. The texture is fresh, fluid and light, and blends with the skin for a perfect result.



In addition, using a makeup fixative helps maintain a fresh look throughout the day, even in high temperatures, leaving skin radiant and flawless.

Our recommendation: Lancôme Fix It Forget It by Lancôme. This setting ensures that your makeup stays intact for hours. A formula enriched with plant extracts, which offers soft, hydrated and protected skin .

Fix It Forget It


That's all, we hope these tips and recommended products help you keep your skin in perfect condition throughout the summer.

Remember that consistency in your skin care routine is essential to maintain healthy and radiant skin during the hottest months.

Enjoy the summer and take care of your skin!

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