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List of products by brand Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

CK IN2U Eau de Toilette for Men

Price 21.99
Availability: 1526 In Stock

CKIN2U for men by Calvin Klein is a charismatic and uninhibited fragrance. From start to finish, the suggestive, fresh musk lingers on. This delicious day reaches its climax with a warm finish of vetiver. Calvin Klein IN2U is the Calvin Klein perfume for the new generation of men.

Calvin Klein

CK ONE Eau de Toilette

Price 59.00
Availability: 166 In Stock

Modern Pure Refreshing. CK One is a fragrance with a free and young spirit that inspires you to be yourself. Designed to be shared by men and women, it belongs to everyone. It was launched in 1994 and is still trendy, CK is always fresh.

Calvin Klein

Eternity Eau De Parfum for Men

Price 58.95
Availability: 35 In Stock
Refined and sophisticated, ETERNITY Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein celebrates the concepts of timeless modern multifaceted masculinity. A new note of wood reinvents the original aroma of the Fern, providing a fresh freshness with a powerful and elegant trace
Calvin Klein

Euphoria Eau de Parfum for Woman

Price 78.95
Availability: 170 In Stock

Euphoria for Women embodies femininity and awakens sensuality. An intense and radiant eau de parfum, Euphoria intoxicates with the mystery of pomegranate and black orchid layered with liquid amber and sumptuous mahogany.

Calvin Klein

Be Eau de Toilette

Price 34.50
Availability: 69 In Stock
CK Be is different in every person who wears it, because Ck Be is about the freedom to be yourself. This unique musk tonic is pure and fresh, with a simple blend of herbs, citrus and florals. Launched in 1996, CK Be is a sensual unisex fragrance that invites you to close your eyes and open your mind.
Calvin Klein

CK Everyone Eau de Parfum

Price 28.50
Availability: 77 In Stock
CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum is a gender neutral fragrance. Bold, authentic. CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum is a vegan, citrusy, woody fragrance with a rich freshness. Love all sides of yourself with CK EVERYONE Eau de Parfum
Calvin Klein

DEFY Eau de Toilette for Men

Price 57.95
Availability: 48 In Stock
Fresh Male Addictive Calvin Klein Defy is a bold eau de toilette for men, a contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods. A fragrance for the modern man who breaks barriers while exploring his truest truth.
Calvin Klein

Eternity Men Eau De Toilette

Price 49.90
Availability: 71 In Stock

A classic fragrance in harmony with the spirit of today's man, Eternity for Men is sensitive yet masculine, strong yet refined. Created for a romantic man paired with the timeless values of family, work, health and happiness. For a modern man at ease with himself and with his world.

Calvin Klein

Ck Everyone EDT

Price 41.60
Availability: 53 In Stock

A clean, green, citrus fragrance. CK EVERYONE is a very current genderless scent that celebrates infinite freedom of self-expression. This multifaceted scent is fresh and provocative. Built on the iconic CK ONE heritage, this new scent is vegan, composed of naturally sourced alcohol and infused with ingredients derived from natural sources, making this fragrance Calvin Klein first "clean" fragrance.

Calvin Klein

CK One Deodorant Stick

Price 10.70
Availability: 119 In Stock
CK One deodorant inspires you to feel bold and clean. Refreshing green tea notes join rose and violet, culminating in a signature finish of musk and amber.
Calvin Klein

Eternity For Men Parfum Eau de Parfum

Price 66.95
Availability: 64 In Stock
Inspired by a romantic encounter at sunset, Calvin Klein ETERNITY perfume for men evokes the passion of an everlasting love. Combining fresh lavender with warm woody notes, this luxurious Calvin Klein fragrance has an addictive trail of vanilla rum that provides long-lasting intensity.
Calvin Klein

Eternity Summer Daze Eau de Parfum for Women...

Price 48.50
Availability: 89 In Stock
Inspired by a romantic summer by the sea, ETERNITY Summer Daze Eau de Parfum For Women is an energizing floral fragrance. Symbolizing the ethereal character of youth, the fragrance blends fresh red berries with sophisticated florals to create an authentic sense of joy.
Calvin Klein

CK One Reflections Eau de Toilette 100 ml

Price 38.45
Availability: 81 In Stock
CK One Reflections is an invigorating reinterpretation of the original CK One fragrance inspired by the excitement and spontaneity of summer days. The unisex perfume opens with ginger and icy lemon tart, leaving a sparkling fresh note of icy green tea at the heart and a warm, woody base of musk.
Calvin Klein

Eternity Flame Eau de Parfum for Woman

Price 41.50
Availability: 22 In Stock
ETERNITY Flame's timeless passion celebrates life's journey through love and intimacy. This seductive, oriental fragrance has been reconceived with the addition of colorful fruits and delicate florals to create an addictive scent.
Calvin Klein


Price 69.90
Availability: 59 In Stock
Eternity Night is a feminine and floral perfume. Launched in 2014, the simple bottle with a purplish hue that mimics twilight. The aroma is made up of a harmonious composition of pink pepper, wild berries and plum with a heart of frangipani, wisteria and jasmine on a background of musk, sandalwood and tonka bean. A romantic and sensual perfume to perfume the most intimate nights.
Calvin Klein

Euphoria EDP 100 ml + EDP 30 ml + Body Lotion...

Price 89.95
Availability: 58 In Stock
Euphoria Eau de Parfum embodies femininity and awakens sensuality with a floral blend of rich and radiant pomegranate, black orchid and amber. This gift set contains: -Eau de Parfum Euphoria 100ml (3.3oz) - Eau de Parfum Euphoria 30ml (1.0oz) - Euphoria Body Lotion 100ml (3.3oz)