Le Male Lover, the new sophisticated sailor by Jean Paul Gaultier . He joins the crew of Les Males, his story captured on his tattooed torso. A tribute to one of Gaultier's fashion icons, Le Male Lover is shown naked without his sailor suit. Sensitive and daring. Pure temptation tattooed forever in the hearts of those who cross its path. A big sensitive heart behind his virile appearance, Le Male Lover has arrived to make you shake. Exclusive, limited edition. Irresistible, in its metal box. Ocean blue in color, its cult bottle has ditched its sailor suit to show its tattoos to the open sea. Pointing out the sea with an aquatic and musky trail of amber that makes hearts skip a beat and impregnates yours with past loves. From ports to passions, their skin tells the story of their intrepid adventures.

Data sheet

101 ml - 200 ml
Olfactory Family
Fresh / Citrus / Aquatic
Eau de Parfum

Le Male Lover Eau de Parfum...