This anti-aging facial treatment combines a unique serum texture, enriched with immediate lifting and redensifying actives, and an elastic fabric mask that adapts perfectly to the shape of the face and neck for optimal distribution and complete anti-aging efficacy. A fabric face mask that combines comfort and treatment efficacy: the skin is redensified. 1. Open the bag. Remove the face mask and gently unfold it. 2. Apply the cloth mask to the washed skin of the face and neck, placing it first on the forehead and then around the eyes. 3. Secure the mask behind the ears with the existing retaining notches. Make sure the mouth and nose openings are in the correct position. 4. Join the 2 flaps at the nape. 5. Press lightly with your hands so that the mask penetrates the skin. 6. Leave the facial mask to act for 15 minutes. 7. Remove the product and make the surplus penetrate using gentle smoothing movements.

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