Discover the new Aqua-Gelée Self-Tanning for instant hydration, progressive tanning and naturally illuminated skin. Biotherm its expertise in hydration to the self-tanner: a self-tanning formula in a serum with a fresh and light texture for an easy application and a natural result. Natural golden tan tone. Your skin will feel hydrated, brighter and more beautiful. For women and men looking for a progressive tan for their skin while keeping it hydrated. With DHA technology (5%): it oxidizes in contact with the proteins of the skin, giving you a unique tanned, natural and uniform tan (aqueous phase). Caramel for an immediate and natural coloring of the skin and for an easy application. Hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration. Mother of pearl to catch the light and instantly beautify the skin with golden reflections. Life plankton ™ capable of reinforcing the skin's natural barrier and promoting cell regeneration (aqueous phase) and Vitamin E for an action against free radicals (oily phase). The Autobronzant range is a range of easy-to-use self-tanners with the result of tanned skin in a uniform and natural way throughout the year. Radiant and luminous finish for the face and body. The ritual? Step 1. Prepare the skin with the Biosource Gelée Micellaire scrub. Step 2. Hydrate with Aquasource. Step 3. Activate the tan with the Aqua Gelée Autobronzant self-tanning gel.

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