How do you defend your skin every day? Aquapower Daily Defense Spf 14 is a multi-defense moisturizer from Biotherm , anti-pollution and UV rays, with antioxidants that exerts a regenerating and strengthening action on the skin. Light, non-sticky cream formula. One formula is capable of providing simultaneous protection against external aggressions: long-wave UVA rays, UVA and UVB rays and pollution. More than a simple SPF, the first Aquapower SPF 14 manages to satisfy all the needs that men's skin faces on a daily basis. A multiple protection to combat multiple attacks: - Intense hydration from the hand of Life PlanktonTM, Biotherm unique exclusive regenerating ingredient, has soothing, regenerating and protective properties that strengthen the skin. - Against pollution: Furcellaria umbricalis This red algae, an active ingredient of marine origin, prevents skin dehydration due to repeated exposure to pollution and restores its skin barrier function. - Against UVA rays: UV filters + Baicalin: Used in traditional Chinese medicine, and combined in this formula with vitamin E, baicalin has excellent antioxidant properties.

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51 ml - 100 ml
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All skin types
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