Biotherm Homme Day Control Natural Protect 24H Roll-On: Biotherm 24-hour deodorant, for natural protection. Ecocert® roll-on formula and labeled as bio cosmetic. Regulates perspiration and humidity. Provides all-day protection against odor and perspiration. For all men, regardless of their lifestyle, with an intense or stressful lifestyle, such as men who live in big cities or athletes. Technology New Smart Protect ™ technology with a complex of aluminum salts + perlite: The aluminum salts work by reducing the humidity in the armpits. Capable of absorbing more than 3.5 times its weight in water without creating a sponge effect, perlite absorbs moisture, reducing the sensation of moisture throughout the day. It also contains allantoin: especially suitable for irritated and sensitive skin, it has repairing, moisturizing and soothing properties. Solid water-in-oil emulsion. Excellent gliding power thanks to its gas-expanded microspheres, nylon microsponges and odor absorption. The Day Control range (Deodorants & Shower Gel) A complete range of deodorants designed for both day-to-day and extreme conditions. All deodorants contain Smart protect technology (perlite + aluminum salts). Perspiration stays under control all day. You will feel more confident and ready for action. With the shower gel, the skin is soft, clean and fresh all day.

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51 ml - 100 ml
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All skin types

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