Lancôme innovative double-wrap Renergie Multi-Lift Ultra Double Mask firming mask is coated with 20 grams of anti-wrinkle cream to provide the actives, offering the same concentration of flaxseed extract found in Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra Cream, which makes skin instantly firmer and brighter. Our flaxseed extract, is of French origin, acts on the signs of aging linked to the loss of collagen. The Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra Double Mask double layer cream mask is designed with two sheets, breathable for the skin, to provide comfort. The Nano Layer outer sheet has a barrier effect to effectively transfer actives to the skin while providing comfort and adhesion. The Cotton Layer inner sheet is made of breathable natural cotton fibers that contain 20 g of our Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra anti-aging cream. Releases wrinkle cream and moisture on skin on contact. What are the benefits of this mask? ● Firming mask: rapid firming 1H * Instrumental test, 25 women. ● Radiance: 83% of women find their skin radiant after wearing the face mask. * Self-assessment after 20 minutes, 62 women ● Replenishment: 74% of women find that their skin is replenished * Self-assessment after wearing the anti-aging mask for 20 minutes, 62 women.

Data sheet

Dull complexion
Lack of firmness
Wrinkles and crow's feet
Skin type
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging

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