Lancôme - The mask Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Rose Lancôme is the perfect gesture to highlight the beauty of your skin. Eliminates dead epithelial cells, smoothes and homogenizes the skin texture, leaving a pleasant and radiant finish. Enriched with sugar grains and rose water, the Lancôme Rose Sugar Scrub Mask leaves skin feeling smoothed, radiant and with a feeling of comfort. This gentle exfoliating mask removes impurities and dead skin cells for a rosy, radiant glow. In addition, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Exfoliation is the best ally for beautiful skin and Lancôme Rose Sugar Srub makes this possible, removing dead cells from it. Instantly, it revives the skin tone, leaving it soft and smooth. The key to its effectiveness lies in its ultra-sensory and heat-effect formula composed of sugar granules thanks to which the intensity of the exfoliation can be adapted when mixed with water. This mask intensely nourishes the skin, leaving it smoother, more comfortable and radiant with health. It is recommended that rose scrub be used 2-3 times per week. The sugar granules in Rose Sugar Scrub offer the skin a gentle exfoliation and a surprisingly warm and relaxing effect during application.

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51 ml - 100 ml
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Moisturizing Care

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