Lancôme reveals with the Grandiôse mascara a new application technique to create, effortlessly, a look with perfectly flared, voluminous and homogeneous lashes. Get panoramic lashes with divine curvature thanks to the high precision of the patented Swan-Neck ™ applicator and an innovative formula enriched with rose extracts. It will allow you to access all the lashes from one end to the other and from root to tip, achieving a spectacular panoramic effect. A simply great look. Apply the mask in a zigzag motion, starting at the outer corner of the eye towards the center and working outwards. Expert tip: for a more professional gesture, rotate your wrist according to the three areas of the eye (outer, center or inner) 1. Begin by applying the mascara to the outer corner lashes. Hold the applicator with the curved part down and unfold the lashes outwards. 2. Slightly twist the applicator one third of a full turn: the brush naturally positions itself horizontally in the central third of the eye. Stretch the lashes up. 3. Rotate the applicator one third again, placing the brush on the remaining inner third. The brush is naturally angled and pointed towards the nose. Stretch the lashes inward. 4. Proceed in the same way with the lower eyelid of the other eye.

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