Rénergie presents this plumping lip balm to smooth and brighten lips daily. For firmer and fuller lips. Enriched with a tripeptide, this balm plumps and hydrates the lips, leaving them more nourished, smoother and firmer. The Rénergie Multi-Lift range: The new Rénergie Multi-Lift from Lancôme , incorporates the exclusive [Up-Cohesión]™, una combinación de activos probada en condiciones de micro-gravedad simulada capaz de lograr los resultados más eficaces para una piel más lisa, más firme, para devolver la tensión a la piel y redefinir los contornos del rostro, zona a zona. Esta tecnología [Up-Cohesión] ™ technology combines an extract of Cyathea Medullaris with guanosine, to offer a multiple strategy: - Strengthen the cytoskeleton of fibroblasts, making them spindle-shaped. - Restructure the dermal matrix, organizing and densifying the network of collagen fibers. - Strengthen cell-matrix adhesion points. Smoother, firmer skin, redefined contours. Ritual: During the day, apply on the lips for greater hydration. It does not interfere with the duration of the lipstick and allows it to look brighter.

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≤ 50 ml
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Moisturizing Care

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