L'Envol de Cartier reveals the pioneer within each and every one of us. An elixir that exalts the mind, stimulates passion, illuminates the unknown. Without compromise, L'Envol de Cartier is an Eau de parfum with contrasts, a unique transparent oriental fragrance. Smooth and virile, it pulses with an airy freshness - from a cloud of vaporous musk - before becoming rounder thanks to a powerful and masculine guaiac wood, with hints of honey and facets of aromatic balm. The L'Envol de Cartier bottle has been designed as a true reflection of the fragrance, combining a vital ampoule in suspension protected by an aerial glass dome. Truly modern in design, the L'Envol bottle belongs to Cartier great stylistic tradition: the “guilloché” motif found on the on-off wheel and the refillable perfume concept that Cartier pioneered.


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51 ml - 100 ml
≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Parfum

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