Connecting with the origins of Nina, a caramelized apple that has already become an emblem, Nina Ricci today creates Nina Rouge: an eau de toilette that makes the color red the symbol of a joyful and spontaneous enchantment. And that gives greater prominence to a bold taste bud. How to resist? The fragrance, floral taste, opens with a fruity facet that fuses a juicy raspberry with fresh citron skin. It follows a very feminine and vibrant floral bouquet where the gardenia and the ginger flower merge. Finally, Bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel give Nina Rouge her unique taste stamp. So is the magic formula for this joyous and delightfully addictive fragrance.


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51 ml - 100 ml
≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Toilette

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Nina Rouge Eau de Toilette

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  • 30 ml 37.70
  • 50 ml 54.70
  • 80 ml 67.80