Discover the Idôle de Lancôme perfume for all those who dream big. Pioneering women. Powerful. Optimistic For those women who believe that the sky is never the limit and dare to open new horizons. For all those women who are their own idol, who exceed their own limits and create the world of tomorrow. The moment is now. Be your own idol. Great perfumes can usher in a new era. Idôle breaks the codes established in the world of perfumes, giving life to the essence of a new spirit. Discover the addiction of the future: clean addiction. Sustainable sourced raw materials: 1. La Rosa With a powerful and addictive clean accord at its heart, Idôle is a fragrance that represents a blank canvas on which to project your dreams. At the heart of this perfume, the most noble and iconic ingredient stands out, the Rose. Four types of roses, three types of extractions and two geographical origins have been necessary to create the luminous, natural and renewed note of Rosa. 2. The Jasmine Flower The jasmine flower is one of the most impeccable and delicate flowers used in perfumery. In Idôle, the Absolute Jasmine oil is linked with the heart of roses, revealing a comfortable, clean and intense softness. Its floral heart shapes the Idôle halo, providing an enveloping and sensual luminosity. 3. The White Cyprus Through the fresh and luminous petals, the sophistication of the Cyprus emerges. Modernized with a union of white musks, it gives Idôle all its elegance and its exceptional sensation of purity. A clean and bright addiction is on the way, allowing each woman to reveal her own halo and write her own story. Idôle was born from the union of three talents, three women perfumers from different continents, with the sole objective of creating a new universal addiction. Made by women, for women. A perfume that helps communities at risk of exclusion thanks to its raw materials of sustainable origin. A perfume that reminds us that all dreams are possible. A refillable, crystalline bottle that represents a filter through which the world can be observed. A symbol of courage, determination and empowerment. With a unique design, in which the center of its perfectly smooth surface stands out, a concave halo that vibrates like a beating heart evoking the courage and passion of women. We are convinced that the Idôle bottle is, to date, the finest in the world, with a rigorously geometric architecture of ideal proportions. Easy to recharge, you can also personalize it by engraving a unique message on it. Always make it yours. Customize it and recharge it as many times as you want.

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51 ml - 100 ml
≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Eau de Parfum

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Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum

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