Sensual. Addictive. Offender. Fuel For Life is the feminine perfume created by Diesel Perfumes for the sexy and energetic woman. Created by Diesel in the shape of a flask and based on the aroma of a Venetian liqueur, Fuel For Life Femme is composed of a harmony of citrus, black currant, jasmine and patchouli, resulting in a highly addictive, vibrant and sensual juice. Chypre fragrance, floral. Fuel For Life Femme has tangerine, black currant and pink pepper in its top notes, creating a fresh and vibrant first sensation as soon as you smell this feminine perfume for the first time. In its heart notes, find indole and jasmine that provide sensuality and femininity to the fragrance. Finally, the base notes of this women's perfume are marked by patchouli and musk that end the Fuel For Life juice in an addictive and unique way. Fuel For Life Femme lives life like there's no tomorrow. It is sexy, energetic and intensely feminine. This feminine perfume was created for women who want to feel intensely alive and live life with passion. Fuel For Life is the fuel of your life, the elixir that allows you to make every day a success. Fuel For Life has a transparent flask-shaped bottle that hides its slightly golden liquid, representing an elixir of life that constantly renews its power of attraction and charm.


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≤ 50 ml
Olfactory Family
Fresh / Citrus / Aquatic
Eau de Toilette

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