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Eau de Cartier Concentrée

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For him and for her ... Why have to choose? This mixed version feeds the fire under the coolness, sublimating the paradox of the first "warm" water never before imagined. The vegetal freshness of the violet leaves is nuanced thanks to an intense woody amber accord. A limpid simplicity found in the design of the bottle that has a drop of water sculpted at the base.

Carolina Herrera

Good Girl Eau de Parfum

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Good Girl is a sensual and sophisticated fragrance, which reflects the duality of women. This innovative fragrance captures the complexity of women with exceptional ingredients. Each part of the fragrance is a reflection of the Herrera woman. A fruity and woody fragrance, with a contrast of chords that perfectly reflect the concept of duality.


Black Opium Women's Eau de Parfum

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El perfume de mujer Black Opium de Yves Saint Laurent, está orientado a una mujer moderna, rockera y altamente adictiva.Black Opium no es solo una fragancia, es una ACTITUD. La actitud de vivir al máximo, de arriesgarse y jugar con lo prohibido.¿Te atreves? Si la respuesta es 'sí', esta es tu fragancia, es tu adicción y el chute de adrenalina que necesitas.

Carolina Herrera

GOOD GIRL Cofre mujer EDP 80 ml + Loción...

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El estuche de regalo Good Girl para mujer se compone de Eau de Parfum (perfume de 80 ml), lócion corporal (100 ml) y miniatura. Good Girl es una fragancia sensual y sofisticada, que refleja la dualidad de la mujer. Esta innovadora fragancia captura la complejidad de la mujer con excepcionales ingredientes. Cada parte de la fragancia es un reflejo de la mujer Herrera. Una fragancia afrutada y amaderada, con un contraste de acordes que reflejan a la perfección el concepto de dualidad. Familia Olfativa: Oriental Notas de Salida: Almendra y Café Notas de Corazón: Jazmín Sambac y Nardos Notas de Fondo: Haba Tonka y Cacao

Victor Rolf

Spicebomb Extreme Eau de parfum for men 90 ml

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Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf is an explosion of heat! A longer lasting, deeper and more extreme fragrance based on the original Spicebomb. The spicy notes are more intense in this Eau de Parfum for men. Top notes of sparkling grapefruit are enhanced with berry notes along with black pepper to turn up the heat and intensity The aromatic heart is surrounded by the scent of warm spices; cumin, cinnamon and saffron, giving it a masculine yet sensual personality. The tobacco note is reinforced by the balsamic notes of vanilla which are sensually contrasted with the woody amber creating a fragrance within the oriental amber family.

Nuxe Body Body Milk 400ml + Shower Gel 200ml...

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Nuxe Body Body Milk 400ml Nuxe body 24 h moisturizing body lotion - for velvety and smooth skin For dry skin In a single gesture, redesign the contours of your femininity. This hydrating body lotion with almond blossom petals and orange blossom immediately penetrates the skin for a shine-free finish. Provides 24-hour hydration for comfortable and supple skin. Your skin will feel smooth and silky smooth.
Helena Rubinstein

MAGIC CONCEALER Concealer Eye Corrector

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Radiance is what counts" Helena Rubinstein used to say. So, to reveal the radiance of the complexion and eyes, Helena Rubinstein has created MAGIC CONCEALER. This concealer enriched with mother-of-pearl micro-particles and Chamomile, an active ingredient known for its decongestant properties, illuminates dark areas caused by fatigue and refreshes the eyes with total transparency. Dark circles under the eyes fade, puffiness disappears to reveal a luminous complexion and a new, visibly rested look.


Pour Homme Eau de Toilette 80 ml

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Discover the men's perfume Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent, fresh and delicate, with an aromatic chypre trail. The top notes represent the notes Hesperides, lemon, bitter orange, a touch of mint... The elegant freshness of a sober and refined man in which you can feel the extreme sensitivity of Yves Saint Laurent. A fragrance that develops with infinite softness, a restrained emotion, with a heart with which one feels an immense tenderness, an aesthetic and a great elegance. A fragrance that praises beauty, like a hymn to the deepest being.


Dermud Nourishing Body Cream 200 ml

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Combination of rich texture of Dead Sea mud, vitamins and plants that provides intense hydration to soften and soothe the skin. It helps to alleviate the effects of dry and sensitive skin and combats the aggressive effects of dry and cold climates.