9 OUT OF 10 WOMEN WOULD SWITCH TO RÉNERGIE HCF TRIPLE SERUM1. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Lancôme 's Rénergie HCF Triple Serum anti-aging treatment ushers in a new era of highly effective anti-aging. Discover this innovative formula that combines for the first time, in a triple dose, 3 powerful dermoactives, until now considered incompatible: ● HYALURONIC ACID: Combined with Gluco-Peptides, it helps to hydrate the skin and fill in wrinkles. ● VITAMIN C2 + NIACINAMIDE: They improve skin tone, illuminate the face and reduce blemishes. ● FERULIC ACID: 99% pure strengthens and protects the skin from photoaging and improves skin quality. 1. Self-assessment on 50 women who would change or alternate their serum for Triple Serum after 3 months. 2. Derived from Vitamin C. HIGH-TECH RELEASE SYSTEM After 3 years of research, Lancôme has designed an innovative high-tech bottle for this anti-aging treatment, capable of combining 3 powerful dermo-actives hitherto considered incompatible. Each of the three ingredients are in separate chambers to be protected from air and light and to prevent the entry of impurities, concentrated at their optimum level to guarantee maximum efficacy and safety. CLINICALLY PROVEN ANTI-AGING EFFICACY ENDORSED BY REAL WOMEN Its clinically proven formula corrects and cares for the skin layer by layer3 through a triple action on firmness, wrinkles and blemishes. From the 1st week, get a firmer skin and a recovery of the loss of volume and luminosity. In 2 weeks, visibly younger skin and progressively reduced wrinkles. In 8 weeks, the spots fade and look visibly reduced. 3. Superficial layers of the skin. SO VISIBLE RESULTS The results are so visible that 93% of women say that after trying it for 3 months, they would change their current serum for Rénergie HCF Triple Serum anti-aging treatment: 9 out of 10 women4 are already convinced and ready to try it. Are you one of them? 4. Self-assessment on 50 women who would change or alternate their serum for Triple Serum after 3 months. ICONIC FUSION BETWEEN EFFICACY AND SENSORIALITY Demonstrated by 91% of women: The 3 textures merge into a revolutionary triple anti-aging dose, offering maximum comfort, care and effectiveness. ● CREAMY texture: Hyaluronic Acid + Gluco-Peptides are wrapped in a nourishing and creamy texture. ● LIGHT texture: Vitamin C + Niacinamide are melted into an emulsion formulated with a low pH for optimal efficacy. ● GEL texture: Ferulic Acid is stabilized and protected from possible degradation in a pure and anhydrous gel. HOW TO USE: Discover how and when to correctly apply this revolutionary anti-aging treatment: 1. In the first application, press the dispenser several times until the 3 formulas appear. 2. Apply it in the morning and at night, spreading the formula between the fingertips, mixing the three textures. 3. Start by spreading the serum from the chin in upward movements, continue to spread the formula on the cheeks and finish on the forehead. Repeat the movements 3 times. 4. To enhance the results of your anti-aging routine with extra nutrition and hydration while enhancing photoprotection on your face, we recommend using the Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra face cream and the Rénergie Yeux Multi eye contour cream. -Lift Ultra.

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Rénergie HCF Triple Serum 50ml