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    Fluido Multi-Activa Día SPF 15 Todas Las Pieles
    Fluido Multi-Activa Día SPF 15 Todas Las Pieles
Intense days, stress and fatigue… Lack of sleep takes its toll on your face. To combat the first signs of aging, discover the day cream in a fluid version: a quick application to show off a radiant complexion in a few minutes. With its technology inspired by the latest scientific advances and its composition based on plants, this unique anti-aging treatment reduces the first wrinkles, hydrates the skin and prolongs the youth of the cells thanks to its SPF 15 sun protection. Hour after hour, this New generation facial treatment revitalizes the skin with a good face effect assured! Today and tomorrow, the skin is hydrated and protected.

Data sheet

≤ 50 ml
Wrinkles and crow's feet
Skin type
All skin types
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging
Sun protection/SPF
Medium (SPF ≤ 30)

Multi-Active Day Fluid SPF...

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