Aqua Glow Flash Mask is a hydrating mask from Biotherm that acts like a second skin that deeply infuses the skin with intense hydration. Thanks to this powerful combination of Vitamin C and Life Plankton Probiotic Water, skin glows brighter with just one application. One application of the Aqua Glow Flash Mask is enough to deeply replenish and revive your skin's natural ability to glow. Main ingredients: This hydrating mask is formulated with a combination of: - Vitamin C, known for its powerful brightening properties; - The same concentration of Life Plankton water found in a bottle filled with its Super Concentrate *; The perfect combination to make your skin glow. * Life Plankton Water concentration in a 50 ml bottle. Texture: This moisture-laden hydrating mask infused with Vitamin C is designed to retain more moisture than traditional masks. As soon as it touches your skin, its second-skin effect helps active ingredients penetrate deeply for fresh, long-lasting skin hydration. Results: Results after the application of this vitamin C moisturizing mask: 24H FLASH HYDRATION: Significant improvement in skin hydration that lasts 24 hours after a single application: + 54.82% after 1 H / still + 12, 04% after 24 h BLOCKED WATER: -31% reduction in transepidermal water loss after 1 hour, for a protective and repairing effect on the skin barrier function. IMPROVED RADIANCE: -25.8% reduction in the appearance of dull skin after 4 weeks. * Results of clinical tests of moisturizing efficacy, 24 women. * Results of clinical tests of transepidermal water loss, 25 women. * Results of clinical tests of the impact on radiant skin, 54 women.

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