The Bath Therapy Revitalizing Blend body cream from Biotherm is a body cream that hydrates and softens the skin, it is a regenerating and pleasant moment that helps to take care of the body and mind. For whom? For a client looking for a body treatment based on aromatherapy. A client looking for an innovative and ultra-sensory gift proposal Its main ingredients: SEA SALT: Also called Sea Gold Sea salt, which has been used for centuries to treat the skin, regenerates itself due to its antiseptic and softening properties. ALGAE: The seaweed is mixed with proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, it helps the skin to maintain a high level of hydration and elasticity, while giving it all the nutrients it needs. A REFINED MARINE FRAGRANCE: Expresses an invigorating freshness at the top through spicy citrus, globule eucalyptus essence, and an iodized seashore atmosphere that conveys well-being and serenity. The fragrance becomes a natural bouquet of white flowers composed of a mixture of delicate jasmine and beautiful white orchids. A woody accord, combined with comforting sandalwood and sensual musks, adds an enveloping and addictive touch on the dry side. AROMATIC ESSENCES: -Eucalipt, Italian Mandarin, Elemi Resinoid -White Jasmine, White Tiare Flower, White Orchids -Mask, Sandalwood, Salty / Marine Accord APPLICATION MODE: STEP 1- Cleansing Cleansing Mousse STEP 1- Body Scrub Perfection STEP 3- Handcream


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101 ml - 200 ml
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All skin types
Moisturizing Care

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