Do you need an extra supply of hydration? Rediscover the revitalizing citrus fragrance of Lait Corporel and succumb to its rich texture in hydrating balm. Ideal for the most dehydrated skin. Beurre corporel provides intense and pleasant hydration without a greasy sensation, softens, protects the skin and repairs the skin's natural barrier. This body balm has Life PlanktonTM, the unique regenerating ingredient, exclusive to Biotherm and shea butter among others. Apply daily to clean skin. For the best results, we recommend the Lait Corporel ritual: STEP 1 Cleanse skin with Lait de Douche, a creamy shower cleanser with a soap-free formula enriched with highly hydrating oils that protect the skin. STEP 2 Exfoliate with Lait de Gommage, an exfoliating scrub with an ultra creamy texture that removes dead cells and smooths the skin without drying it out. Apply the product on damp skin and massage all over the body. Rinse with plenty of water until exfoliating paticles are eliminated. Use twice a week. The skin will be soft and ready for the application of the Beurre Corporel Moisturizing Balm.

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101 ml - 200 ml
Skin type
Moisturizing Care

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